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Atma English Teaching Volunteer
Atma Volunteer– www.atmamumbai.org- volunteer@atmamumbai.org

Atma Mumbai is an NGO who helps other NGOs to excel. NGOs face many day-to-day problems and often have no one to support and understand their efforts. They find themselves struggling for daily survival and they can only react instead of operate pro actively within their external and internal environment.

Atma Mumbai partners with NGO’s, who are working in the field of education and children, in order to break this cycle and help organizations to act rather than react. We strive to help our partners find a balance in their operations and programming; effecting positive change in the lives of thousands underprivileged children in Mumbai.

Period of volunteering:
Minimum time of three months; starting dates flexible.

Job role:
Current Atma partners are looking to increase their teaching capacity and are looking for experienced educationists to assist in teacher training. You would be working closely with programme and education managers in one or two of the following areas: teaching, assisting in teacher training, designing
curriculum, institutionalizing school systems.

Atma is currently in the process of increasing its marketing efforts. To help convey our message more effectively we wish to make a promotional film about our work. You would work on this project closely with the Director of Operations and the Resource Manager.

Working closely with the Atma team to write a script, facilitate contacts, schedule and shoot short films.

This will include creative use of resources and contacts to ensure the lowest possible budget and highest
possible quality.
Skill Requirements:
– Teaching degree
– Several years of classroom experience
– Experience in teaching ESL
– Special Education experience/certificate
– Excellent communication skills
– Flexibility
– Creative thinker

Souvenir –
Housing and working conditions:
Atma Mumbai will assist in find housing. The volunteer will work at the Atma Mumbai office in Khar. A laptop will be provided by Atma Mumbai during the working period. A stipend will not be provided, the cost of travel, housing and living expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer.

To work full time during the volunteer-ship for the organization based on the above mentioned areas,creating focus while remaining flexible within the working environment.

Expectation of Atma Mumbai:
Provide support and guidance throughout the volunteership period and give preparation information prior to the volunteership. Assist in adapting to Mumbai city and Indian culture and in the working relation with the NGO.

Application Process
Candidates interested in applying for this volunteer position should send an English motivation letter and
their CV to volunteer@atmamumbai.org

Atma Education Trust
794/2,2nd Floor, Satguru Center,
Flat no-5, 3rd Road,
Khar West (near Khar Station),
Mumbai – 400052
Email : contact@atmamumbai.org
Tel : +91 022 26059810

Volunteer Guidelines

Please note the following Atma volunteer guidelines before applying:

Atma – Volunteer Guidelines:
# Volunteers are engaged to work with a specific project, based on their skills, experience and field of interest.
# Volunteers commit to work full-time for a minimum of 3 months (when coming from abroad).
# Volunteers agree to sign a contract that clearly states the responsibilities of the volunteer and Atma.
There is no financial reimbursement for volunteers; the cost of ALL travel, housing and living expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer.

Atma – Volunteer Service:

* All volunteers are given a thorough preparation by Atma before beginning their volunteer embarkation.
* Airport Pick-up and orientation to Mumbai.
* Assistance in finding accommodation.
* Mentoring and support throughout working period by experienced Atma staff.
* Phone (and laptop in some cases) provided.
* Community of other Atma volunteers.

‘Check guidelines before you apply’
If you are interested in applying to one of these job vacancies, or other possible roles, please send your resume and motivation letter to volunteer@atmamumbai.org

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