After a six week program of painting classes for the 30 girls of Sharanam Centre – Dharavi, SAYITINCOLOR / Art Caravan are honoured to present their watercolours on the theme – Illustrations of Snow White’s tale. This Grimm’s tale has elements of many profound aspects of a child’s life. More than anything else, this tale has not only nourished the minds of children and grown-ups but also of artists for centuries.

During the program, the girls were able to easily identify with the protagonist, and were able to express their buried emotions on paper under the art therapist’s supervision.

Location: SAYITINCOLOR / ART LOFT – Valentino Rest 1st Floor, above Patel Store, Mehboob Studio, Bandra West
Date: Saturday, May 15th, 2010, 4 pm-9pm
Sponsors: SHARANAM Centre for Girls, LE 15 Patisserie (French delicacies and cheese), ALL THINGS NICE (wine)

Life in a city like Mumbai can get busy. Our lives are vicious circles of working harder and harder so that we can have material pleasures and yet no time to enjoy those pleasures. There is a need to let out our bottled emotions and relax. What better way than doing this through art! This is why SAYITINCOLOR commits itself to help us reveal our inner-selves through innovative artistic tools and cross-cultural techniques.
SAYITINCOLOR is an organisation whose mission is to nurture creativity through art and cultural engagement with a two-pronged approach:

1) The Art Loft: a unique cultural hub in Mumbai
2) The Art Caravan: a wandering artistic experience

The Sharanam Centre for Girls

The Sharanam Centre for Girls is a small residence for girls that opened its doors to children in need in 2000. Located in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum, Sharanam provides a permanent, loving home for 30 girls. A young married couple lives with these girls, raising them in a caring, family environment along with their own young son and daughter. All of the girls receive individualized attention, attend quality schools, speak English and are computer literate. They plan to complete their studies, achieve independence and pursue their dreams. Their futures are bright.

The Community Outreach Programme (CORP)
Since 1977, the Community Outreach Programme (CORP) has worked to provide a platform for the holistic development of women, children, and the communities in which they live. CORP believes that self-sufficiency, not dependence, is the key to a life of dignity and self-respect, and this belief continues to drive the organization today. CORP now works in 13 slum communities across greater Mumbai, with a total of 20 centers and over 70 staff members. The organization provides residents with critical services, focused on supporting at-risk children and empowering women. These services include access to quality education, shelter, nutritious meals, health services, and the means to better lives through vocational training. The Sharanam Centre for Girls is one of CORP’s flagship projects.

Donations to the Community Outreach Programme (CORP) are tax-exempt in India under u/s 80-G of the IT Act. Societies Reg. No. Bom/338/77, Public Trust Reg. No. F 4582 (Bombay).

The Aasha Foundation

The Aasha Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of girls living in orphanages and shelters across Southeast Asia. Aasha Foundation programmes aim provide beneficiaries with opportunities and activities similar to those experienced by middle-class children, such as access to private school educations, quality healthcare, recreational outings, English classes, computer classes, and professional opportunities. Since 2002, the Aasha Foundation has provided extensive support to the Sharanam Centre for Girls.

The Aasha Foundation is a registered charitable organization with tax-exempt status in the US under IRS code 501(3)(c).

All Things Nice

All Things Nice is based on the simple philosophy of savouring the pleasures of life, to provide an opportunity to relish your senses, tickle your taste buds and give in to the pleasures of indulgence. All Things Nice is a platform, a movement, to introduce and educate the everyday consumer of fine wine and its extensions such as fine cheeses and gourmet foods, chocolates, teas, coffees and really fine cigars. All Things Nice is a taste experience.

M: +91 98207 04500 E: or W:

Le 15 patisserie

Le 15 is a french style pastry shop owned and run by Pooja Dhingra who has studied and worked in Switzerland and France. Le 15 specializes in French Macaroons and is trying to bring the flavours of Paris to Mumbai.

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