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Donate a Book

* Director of UNESCO New Delhi donating books with Justice Leila Seth

To facilitate in the collection of reading materials and to bring books to those who do not have the access to libraries or the privilege of owning books, UNESCO has launched the ‘Donate a Book’ Initiative in schools and outside in partnership with the Times Foundation to enhance the existing libraries in schools and develop wherever necessary.

Books are necessary to enhance education of children and should be widely available in every school library. The National Curriculum Framework (NCF, 2005), an advisory document, intended to guide the formulation of curricula across schooling systems, noted that efforts are required for preparing more learning resources for children, especially books and reference materials in regional languages, for school and teacher reference libraries.

Through this initiative we hope to both increase the strength of books in the school libraries, as also build book banks that would receive voluntary donations. The supplementary collection of books would thereafter be donated to NGOs and schools in order to enable children to have access to additional reading material. Simultaneously, the Initiative will also promote reading habits and literature appreciation in children. UNESCO will also use its network of UNESCO Clubs and Associated Schools Project, to implement this project.

The initiative aims to build a bank of books and reference material for schools across the country both in national and regional languages. The initiative particularly aims to address the following objectives:

# Increase the available books and reference material in schools and resource centres

# Encourage reading habits among children

# Encourage Literature Appreciation in schools

# Facilitate the creation of mobile book libraries and mobile schools

# Encourage local commitment to stronger community ties

We invite children, parents, teachers, citizens, publishers, corporate houses and NGOs, to join hands with us in this initiative! To start with you can participate by donating a book in good shape that you don’t read anymore.

Our Partners:
• Times Foundation
• Read Global, India, NGO
• Amity Group of schools
• Tagore International Schools
• Springdales Schools
• Suncity World School
• Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children (AWIC)
• National Book Trust
• Children’s Book Trust
• Sakshi
• American Centre
• Katha, an NGO working with MCD schools
• Salaam Baalak Trust, NGO
• Sard, link up with their community work
• Institute of Rural Research and Development
• Shikhar Organization for Social Development
• EUREKA, book store for children’s books
• Nivesh
• Namgyal Institute of Research and Ladakhi Art and Culture (NIRLAC)
• Nucleus Software Exports Limited
• French Information Resource centre
• Italian Cultural Center

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