Gandharvgad Fort: (Chandgad Taluka), about 400 feet above the plain, lies in a spur of the Sahyadris about twenty-one miles west of Belgafiv. The hill on which the fort is built has bare sides with an easy ascent on one side and a difficult ascent on the other side. Of the fortifications which occupied a space about 1,000 feet square the greater part are gone and only the walls to the west and north appear lining the ravines. Gandharvgad was built about 1724 by Nag Savant the second son of the great Phond Savant of Savantvadi. In 1778 the Kolhapur chief captured Gandharvagad, but in 1793 it was restored to Savantvadi through Scindia’s influence. About 1787 the chief of Nesargi rose against his master the chief of Kolhapur and took Gandharvgad among other forts; but soon after, the chief and his confederates were put down, their army was dispersed, and the forts retaken. There were temples of Bhaloba. Siva, Gajanana and Maruti inside the fort. All of them are now in ruins. The fort has a population of about 100 at present (1956).

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