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Meru Treks Bhandardara Varsha Sahal 18th July 2010.

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Type : Hill Station, District : Ahmednagar
By Road :
Mumbai – Bhandardara -185 Kms. , Pune – Bhandardara- 191 Kms.

Bhandardara is a small and peaceful area. This hill station is popular for fun loving and picnic lovers. Bhandardara, is situated at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level is gifted with spectacular view. The region offers a unique opportunity for nature based tourism, something desired by those who wish to break-way from the hustle & bustle of city life. Nature lovers & trekkers would be enthralled in a Bhandardara. Place like Bhandardara as there is a lot to see & do as the area is dotted with forts & history making refreshing get away for both the active & non-active tourist. All this just for a three hour drive from Mumbai.

Sightseeing : Some of the Popular points worth visiting in Bhandardara are :

Wilson Dam :
Popularly known as the Bhandardara dam. Built in 1910 on the Pravara river, the dam is almost 150 meters above the sea level and attracts crowds from all over the country. The cool placid waters of the river run by the miles. This is one of the oldest dams of Asia. Standing at a height of 150m, this dam has a beautiful garden and a swimming pool at its base. However the main attraction of this place is the Umbrella falls. This makes the Wilson Dam a suitable place for picnics.

Arthur Lake :
This clean and serene lake of Bhandardara is located amidst greenery. This lake originates from the Pravara River. Streamlets from the lake cascade down 45 meters as the Randha Falls – an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. Besides being a scenic spot, these falls are also used for hydro power generation.

Ghatghar :
It is one of the famous viewpoints. It is situated 22kms from Bhandardara and offers excellent views of the Sahyadri ranges.

Sandhan Valley: Sandhan is a beautiful place situated in the Western Ghats. Amidst the water carved valley of 50 to 500 feet deep and around two km long.

Date: 18th July 2010
By Bus Pick up from Dadar-5:00am,
Kalyan Bhivandi Fata-6:20am.
@ 8:00am Breakfast (On the way.)
Arrival at Bhandardara around 9:00am
Sight seen:-
•9:00-10:00am Explore Wilson Dam & Arthur Lake.
•10:00-11:30am Way to Ghatghar Sandhan Valley Waterfall.
•11:30-1:00pm Enjoy the SandhanWaterfall.
•1:00-2:00pm Return to Bhandardara.
•2:00-3:00pm Lunch.
•3:00-4:30pm Explore Randha Waterfall.
•5:00 pm Tea & snacks.
•5:30 pm return journey starts to Mumbai.
•each Dadar @ 8:30-9:30pm.
Cost Rs.750/-pp.
Including Mor. Breakfast & Tea, Lunch, Eve. Tea & Snacks, Non AC Transportation from Dadar to Dadar.

Things to be carried:
•Extra pair cloths.
•Rain cheater /Raincoat
•Water bottle.
•Torch & Cap.
•Things to munch.
•Rainy Shoes-Floaters.

For More details contact:
Meru Treks & Tours
Devendra Gandre.
Mob: 9220 874 847 / 9869 11 2827
Email: meru_treks@yahoo.in
Website: www.meru-treks.page.tl

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