Fort Tringalwadi by Sanket Sangwikar

Time to climb2 hours from base
Foodavailable at Igatpuri or base
Drinkable Wateravailable at Igatpuri or base
ShelterHotels are available at Igatpuri


Difficulty Level
(very easy, easy, medium, slightly tough, tough)
Very Easy
(Monsoon trek)
Duration of the trek1 day
When to visitJune to January
Nearest City / LocationIgatpuri ()
Base VillageTringalwadi ()


  • Fort Tringalwadi though not much famous is an excellent monsoon trek and also a good trek in other seasons. Fort is easy to climb and interesting.
  • The fort seems to be very old and mostly not much attention has been given by the recent rulers like Adilshah, Nijamshah, Shivaji and Peshwe. That is why it has preserved very different look altogether than the common forts of Muslim and Maratha rulers.
  • In monsoon fort is covered with lush green grass and many streams flow around the surrounding hills.
  1. Reach Igatpuri first by train, bus or private vehicle. Igatpuri is a prominent railway station on Mumbai-Nashik Railway route.
  2. Reach the next village to Igatpuri while enquiring for Tringalwadi fort. At the foot of the fort lies famous Vipashyana Centre of Igatpuri ( , ) . AT the other side of the fort is the entrance route.
  3. Now when you reach the base, all the hills around you will look like forts. All are naturally or deliberately cut and made to same appearance to hide and confuse the fort. If you are much confused, take a local guide with you.
  4. The fort and the hills in that area enclose a huge Dam among the valley.
  5. Walk towards the fort from one of the shores of the dam.
    The route to the fort climbs along a ridge and ultimately reach a tricky, well hidden entrance.
  1. View of fort Tringalwadi – The fort does not have any fort walls existing except an excellent unquie entrance door. But the fort is more than 1500 years old and has a typical natrural fortification, cut and carved to make it more steep.
  2. Tricky Unique Entrance of the fort – There are two Entrance Doors one of which has totally collapsed. The other one though excellent and unique. There is a 3 feet wide cut in the natural fortification of the fort and almost 2 feet steps are carved. they turn right
    hand side and then lies a huge entrance door, this also cut in the same rock and not built with stones. The cut is really interesting to climb.
  3. Fort top – Fort top is a plateau with lush green grass everywhere and remnents of the buildings and temples can also be found. From the fort top, you can see nmany hilld looking exactly similar to Tringalwadi fort. You can watch Igatpuri region and Thal Ghat heading towards Nashik via Kasara. The fort was primarily made to keep watch on this Thal Ghat.
  4. (Buddhist Caves) – At the middle height of the fort are the Buddhist caves carved deep in the rocks with excellent carvings of pillers and idols. The caves are huge halls based on the pillers carved in the same stone.
  5. Dam and waterfalls – At the side of the caves, you can get a really good site of the dam and villages at the shores of it. One can think of having a dip in the water here. In monsoon several waterfalls flow from fort and the hills around the fort.

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