Kothaligad (Fort of Peth) by Sanket Sangwikar.

Time to climb2 hours
FoodPeth village.
Drinkable WaterAvailable on the fort. It’s cool and sweet surrounded by trees. Also available in the caves. It is also quite drinkable.
ShelterPeth village


Difficulty Level
(very easy, easy, medium, slightly tough, tough)
Duration of the trek1 day
When to visitAnytime
Nearest City / LocationKarjat
Base VillagePeth


1. The fort is in three steps. First plain can be reached in an hour. This where village Peth is situated. Water is available here. Even food or stay can be arranged.
2. The second step is slightly steep but easy. Find the arrow marks and follow for the route. You will reach the base of the pinnacle in 45 minutes.
3. The pinnacle can be climbed through a vertical tunnel . This is most excellent and unique part of the trek.

1. Reach Karjat station.

2. Go to Ambivli by 6-seater or ST bus. The buses are available from karjat ST stand, which is quite far from station. Better go there by 6-seater. Catch a bus to Ambivli. Though we recommend this option, you may also go by 6-seater which will cost you Rs. 150 to 200. You will reach Ambivli in 1 and ½ hours.

3. Go to Peth village from Ambivli [on foot]. This is excellent walk through dense forests like Matheran. You can see forts like padargad surrounding Kothaligad.

4. Climb Kothaligad from Peth, which will take about 45 minutes. The way is quite clear if you follow the arrows.

1. Path to fort Kothaligad– The pathway pierces through lush green trees. The forest reminds us of the forests in Matheran. The Peth village is plateau with farming and cattle as main source of income. Here you won’t find any forest. The actual fort path is through small rocks and bushy trees.
2. Vertical tunnel – This is the main and unique thing on the fort. Pinnacle of the Peth fort can be reached only through Vertical tunnel way, which takes you to the top of the fort. Cannon on the fort bastion below can be seen from here. There are large cool rooms in the tunnel. These caves are perfect place to have your lunch and a small nap. One of the cave in the tunnel has cold and clean water. The tunnel is easy to climb and not much risky also.
3. Pinnacle – Not much to see up on the pinnacle. Not many trees for shade also. But there is cool water pond on the pinnacle, perfect square in shape. The view from here is amazing.
4. Kalwawantinicha Mahal, Nagfani, Siddhagad, Malanggad, Chanderi, Prabalgad, Manikgad, and Matheran all these surrounding historical places are visible from top of the fort Peth.
5. Bhairoba cave. A flat floor and well-sculpted pillars are speciality of the cave.

Time of departure of the local train to Karjat : 6.40am from Kalyan. [Note that There are very less trains to karjat]

Last train of the night is at 2.00am at Kalyan.

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