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Prabalgad by Sanket Sangwikar

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Time to climb3 hours from Vardoli ()
FoodThere is a Dhaba at vardoli ST stop. You can get Egg-Burji or tea there. But better pack everything from Panvel.
Drinkable WaterAvailable at Thakurwadi and Vardoli. But better get it packed from Panvel itself.
ShelterHotels at Panvel


Difficulty Level
(very easy, easy, medium, slightly tough, tough)
Slightly tough
Duration of the trek1 day
When to visitSeptember to March (Avoid in Heavy rains and summer)
Nearest City / LocationPanvel ()
Base VillageThakurwadi ()[next to vardoli ()]

The fort is really prabal (powerful) as the name suggests. There are two plateaus, first of which can be easily conquered. Thakurwadi village is situated on the first plateau. (1 and ½ hours)
The second is however a bit tough to climb. It is top of the fort. The path is not at all visible for this plateau and passes through dense forest and rocks. You will have to take some native person as guide. (1 and ½ hours)

  1. Reach Panvel ST stand and go to Vardoli by 6-seater. Ask the driver to drop you at the path to Prabalgad / Thakurwadi
  2. Start climbing for Thakurwadi. It lies at the first plateau. The way is quite clear with one or two waterfalls in monsoon.
  3. Thakurwadi is small village where you can get water. Ask for a guide there. The road si not quite visible ahead. So better to take some native as guide.
  4. Start for the climb to second plateau. This is prabalgad.

The fort really Prabal or Powerful. It is vast, huge, important, difficult and covered with dense forest. The fort is situated parallel to Mathran. The V-shape formed by Prabalgad and kalavantini durg ( ) is quite visble from Vardoli also.
On the fort – There is not much to see on the fort, but the path is worth the efforts. You can see malanggad (kalyan), matheran, kalavantini durg, irshalgad and karnala fort from the top. The top is also covered with forests.
Note that it is better to take a guide with you. He can show the things better.
The path to the fort is worth its efforts.

Get down at Vardoli. There is a bus from vardoli to Panvel at about 3.30 or 4.00pm. You can also hire a 6-seater to go back.

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