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Sudhagad or Bhorapgad or Bhoraicha Killa by Sanket Sangwikar

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Difficulty Level
(very easy, easy, medium, slightly tough, tough)
Duration of the trek2 days
When to visitAnytime during the year
Nearest City / LocationPali (), Khopoli ()
Base VillageDhondse (),Thakurwadi () next to Pacchapur ( / )


From Thane Station ST stand6.15am bus to Pali
From Kalyan ST stand8.15am bus to Pali
From Diva station6.30am train to Nagothne. Hire a 6-seater to Pali from there.
From Panvel ST standEvery one hour buses to Pali
From Khopoli NakaReach Khopoli by tain (6.40am at Kalyan) From Khopoli there are every 30 minutes buses to Pali or Hire a 6-seater (Go to Parali and hire another one or hire directly to Pali)
From Pali to Thakurwadi (Base of the fort – 13 km)11.00am


Time to climb4 hours via Dhonse. 2 hours via Pacchapur.
FoodAvailable in Pali and also on the fort.
Drinkable WaterAvailable in Pali and also on the fort.
ShelterNight stay can be made in Sarkar Wada or Bhorai devi temple. Read those explanations for details.


There are 2 ways under use

  1. The route via Dhondse takes you to Maha-darwaja , which is official route. (4 hours). The route passes through dense forest and the way has thousands of steps. Originally it had the steps throughout, but now the stones are scattered and are lying in disheveled fashion. We do not at all recommend this route while climbing. But use this one to get down. Great experience with many streams and a small river to cross.
  2. The route via Pacchapur ( / ) will take you on the fort via a ladder. This route is also under use. Use this route while climbing. Short, steep but safe. This takes you to one tunnel of a Chor-darwaja. You can also climb up by skipping the tunnel. 1 and ½ hours to reach this Pacchapur darwaja. And ½ an hour walk from there to top of the fort.

The another route is Chor-darwaja ( ) which is tough. Go by this only if you have some native as guide.

  1. Reach Pali ST-stand. You can first visit Varad-vinaayak Ganesh Temple of Pali (One of the AshtaVinaayak)
  2. Go to Thakurwadi next to Pacchapur by ST bus from Pali. (11.00am bus from Pali)
  3. Start climbing towards the ladder. You will be able see the bastions and the ladder within 5 minutes of walk towards the fort. It will take 20 minutes to reach the ladder.
  4. Soon you will reach a monstrous bastion carved in a single huge rock. The tunnel of Chor-darwaja lies behind it.
  5. You will soon reach a large plateau at the top of the fort Sudhagad by climbing ahead. You can stay in Bhorai devi ( ) temple or SarkarWada or Pant-sachiv-wada ( / ) where 50 people can stay easily. Both the buildings lie in a thicket at the right hand side if you go straight on the plateau. (2 minutes walk on the plateau)
  1. The fort is in place with its fortification and was glory of Bhor Sansthan (Bhor kingdom) till 1947.
  2. Shivaji Maharaj had considered this fort as one of the options to make this as his capital. But for some reasons Raigad was considered better candidate.
  3. Sarkar-Wada ( / ) where one can stay for night. This was once huge two-story palace like building where, Pant Sachiv, one of the eight ministers of Shivaji used to live. The Wada was rebuilt some years back for the trekkers and devotees of the Bhorai Devi, who come here during Nav-ratri. Sarkar-Wada is really huge with 3 locked rooms and two doors. A family lives in a small house just near it, which maintains the Wada and Bhorai Temple. The locked rooms have ropes for rock climbing and utensils if trekkers want to cook.
  4. The family living near Sarkar-Wada can facilitate you with Dal-rice and tea. Also with a campfire, wood for it, and act as guide to show the fort. Pay them for it even if they don’t ask for.
  5. Temple of Bhorai devi ( ) – The Bhorai Temple is also rebuilt now with Peshwa-style large carved pillars. A very large festival is held here during Nav-ratri, when all the nearby villagers come. Bhorai is the family deity of Kings of Bhor province.
  6. Takmak tok ( ) – similar to the one on Raigad. This is the place where criminals are punished by pushing them down in the valley from the steep edge. ‘Tok’ means sharp edge, which ensures that person will surely die. The way is not so easy to find. Take somebody from the family living on the fort.
  7. Maha darwaja – This lies on the way from Dhondse. This is Exact replica of Raigad entrance. The door is tactfully hidden between two huge massive bastions. The entrance is constructed such that the army outside the door can be attacked from three sides at a time.
  8. Tunnel of Chor-darwaja ( ) – Excellent tunnel of Chor-darwaja is deeply hidden inside the fortification. There are 3-4 such secret routes. One of them is this Chor-darwaja near Sarkar-Wada. One is Pacchapur darwaja. One is now inaccessible and can be seen from Takmak Tok.
  9. On the fort – On the fort you cans ee various ponds and temples and huge amount of remnants of the wada and buildings. Hatti paaga ( ) (where elephants are kept) are prominently seen on the way to Takmak Tok. The amazingly plain fort plateau has lush green grass in monsson.
  10. Whole Pali region and forts like Korigad, Dhangad, Tail-baila etc. can be seen at various directions of Sudhagad
  11. Night Stay – Night stay can be made in Sarkar Wada or Bhorai devi temple. Read those explanations for details.

Get down to Dhondse. You will have to cross a small bridge before coming to Dhondse. Arrow marks are prominent on the path. If there is no bus soon, walk down to Vaitagwadi (2 km) and return back to Pali by 6-seater.

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