Aasamant trek to Peth 1st August 2010

Date: 01st August 2010

Peth at a glance….

The fort of Peth, also known as ‘Kothligad’, is located approximately 21km north-east of Karjat at 3100 feet above the sea level. The fort was more of a ‘defense-station’ and used for storing ammunitions. 

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Historical background

    * During the rule of Sambhaji Raje in 1684, Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb had mounted an attack on Peth fort. The fort was conquered and the golden keys of the fort doors were handed over to Aurangzeb as a symbol of victory.


    * The Marathas mounted many attacks to wrest back control of the fort but were unsuccessful.

    * The Mughals renamed the fort as ‘MIFTAHULFATEH’ which means ‘Victory key’

    * In November 1817, Bapurao, a Maratha sardar with Bajirao II, fought along with the British and won the fort.

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What to see on Peth

    * Pinnacle – The funnel-shaped pinnacle and the steps cut through it are the defining feature of this fort.


    * Caves – There are many caves cut into huge rocks. The last one called ‘Bhairoba cave’ is the largest. This cave has a flat floor and intricately carved pillars.

    * Kalavantin Maal, Siddhagad, Malang-gad, Chanderi, Prabalgad, Manikgad and Matheran can be seen from the top.

Schedule of Trek

    * First Pickup Point : 31st July 2010 Night  10:30 p.m at Aarey Colony Junction (Goregaon (E))
    * Second Pickup Point : 31st July 2010 Night 11:30 p.m  at Vishwamahal Hotel (Mulund (W))
    * Our night halt will be at the base Village of Peth (Ambivali).
    * Trek to Peth will commence on 01st August 2010 early Morning.
    * Back to Mumbai by 01st August Evening 08:00 p.m

      Contribution for this trek is Rs.500/- (Advance Contribution Rs.250/-)

      Contribution includes Traveling from Mumbai to Mumbai, Breakfast, Lunch and evening snacks.


   1. Confirmation of names for participation is subject to payment of advance trek contribution.
   2. Organizers are not responsible for safety of any of valuable items of participants.
   3. This is eco-friendly trek so everyone has to take care of nature around us.
   4. Organizers have the authority to make any kind of changes in the program without prior intimation.
   5. What you will bring is Sleeping mat ,Water Bottle, Glass, Spoon, Torch, Shoes, Cap, Ruck Sack, Extra pair of clothes, personal medicine (if any).

      Enroll yourself for this Trek on www.aasamant.com

Contact for Details

Amit Nanivadekar   : 9619917878

Santosh Bhide  : 9930660731

Akshay Mulye  : 9819212975

Tushar Nidambur  : 9892000782

Vaibhav Bhosle  : 9820480382

Rupali Kadam   : 9819486782


A-13, Ankur Palace, Shimpoli Road, Borivali (West)
Email info@aasamant.com
Visit us at: www.aasamant.com
Peth (Kothligad)

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