BCMTouring Ladakh Charity Meet – New Delhi 14th August 2010

Not too long ago, a region much loved by BCMTians, Ladakh, was ravaged by cloudburst and flashfloods. This has led to large scale devastation in and around Leh and even in Nubra Valley.

While search, rescue and relief operations are still on, we as responsible citizens of India, have to realize that there is a holistic approach needed, which goes much beyond the initial relief operations and helps people of Ladakh, get back on their feet, as soon as possible.

With this in mind, we are holding Ladakh Charity Meet on 14th August 2010 in New Delhi, India. Where money would be collected and with it, supplies (water and medicines) would be bought for immediate relief of people of Ladakh and handed over to the Army, who is overseeing search, rescue and relief mission in Ladakh.

By sending in supplies, instead of money, we hope to ensure that those who are in need of help actually are the beneficiaries, rather than those, simply in it for the money!

Like I have said earlier, we need to approach the whole situation holistically, so this is only going to be the first step we would be taking to help people of Ladakh. A much larger and country wide initiative would be launched a little later on, where we will try and help out the organizations working on the ground in Ladakh, to help rebuild the infrastructure, which was destroyed by these flashfloods. Hence we request those, who are planning to contribute to both the steps, to please allocate their budget in such a way that they are able to support both the initiatives, without hurting their own pockets.

For people outside Delhi, we request them to wait and keep patience, remember, we need to be there for people of Ladakh, after much of world has forgotten the tragedy and moved on. Because that is the point, at which they will need help the most and only a few will be there to answer.

Ladakh Charity Meet
14th August 2010, 8:30AM
Dhaba opposite Sahajyoga Building
Qutub Institutional Area,
New Delhi

In case of any questions or queries, please contact, me at 9891211270.

You can also visit the official thread for the meet at http://www.bcmtouring.com/forum/offline-meets-get-togethers-f19/ladakh-charity-meet-14-8-10-a-t25576/
Meeting with all the volunteers in Delhi

To all the Ladakhi Students in Delhi.

A meeting will be conducted at Ladakh Buddhist Vihara, Near ISBT on 15th August, 3.30 PM with all volunteers. In addition we will be distributing the donation booklets among the volunteers. We need more volunteers to work for relief fund campaign.

Please contact:

Phuntsok 999089445
Gyatso 9873413682
Motup 9718688581
Chosgyal 9911957308
Thupstan 9718563659
Smanla 9718669468

All Ladkah stundent Delhi

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