VRangers Waterfall rappelling at Kasara 29th Aug 2010

As on Suggestions we are Changing our Waterfall Rappelling Plan.
Hi ” Rangers ” VRangers organizing Waterfall rappelling at Kasara on 29th Aug 2010.
Waterfall Rappelling Also technically known as canyoning and canyoneering are more often associated with technical descents those that require rappels (abseils) and rope work, down-climbing. An adventure sport, where you walk down a cliff amidst the gushing waterfall.

Activity: Waterfall Rappelling on 29th Aug 2010.
Region: Kasara.
Height: 120 ft.
Cost: Rs. 350 /- .
Max Participation: 50 ppl.
Last Reg. Date: 26th Aug 2010.
Last YearSnaps : http://picasaweb.google.com/Raayynna/WaterfallRappellingAtVihigaonKasara# .

Payment details :-
For CONFIRMATION of your registration please deposit Rs. 300/-(which is non Refundable) in the following account number.
AC/ NO.: 30148750939.
MUMBAI (SBIN0004205).
After transaction plz do sms to Dipendra on 99674 35673.

Trek Schedule:
We have two batches, So register u r self batch wise. People interested should get into this local from there respective stations with Kasara Return ticket in Second last Compartment. from kasara we will reach the base village Vihi by Local Transport.
Details are as follows
Night batch: – Participation size 20 Rangers.
For Night Batch journey starts in the Night on 28th Aug 2010 with Kasara Slow Local(N) according to given train times.
Cst: 11.15 pm.
Bycalla: 11.25 pm.
Dadar: 11.35.
Kurla: 11.45.
Ghatkopar: 11.50.
Bhandup: 12.01 am.
Thane: 12.12 am.
Dombivali: 12.33 am.
Kalyan: 12.40.
Titwala: 01.01 am.
Kasara: 02.01 am.

Morning batch: – Participation size 30 Rangers.
For Morning Batch journey starts in the Morning on 29th Aug 2010 with Kasara Slow Local(N) according to given train times.
Cst: 5.01am.
Bycalla: 5.09 am.
Dadar: 5.21 am.
Kurla: 5.32am.
Ghatkopar: 5.35am.
Bhandup: 5.45am.
Thane: 5.55am.
Dombivali: 6.17am.
Kalyan: 6.25am.
Titwala: 6.40am.
Kasara: 7.45 am.
(Don’t miss this Trains)

The cost includes Breakfast/ Refreshment, traveling from Kasara to Kasara, Equipment-Expertise Charges.
Things To Carry:-
1. Sack proportionate to your body. It should neither be too big nor be
too small to carry your necessary things.
2. A bottle of water(2.0 Ltr)
3. Lunch for the day & Some Snacks.
4. Avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.
5. Camera(Optional)
6. Scarf for Ladies is a MUST while rappelling.
A Few rules that people should follow:
Safety is our prime concern and we don’t make compromises for the same.
1. Alcohol will strictly not be permitted on the event. Anyone found in possession of the same or consuming it will be expelled from the trek. No REFUND will be provided.
2. Smoking will only be permitted while we stop at a clearing, after consultation with the ‘Leader’ and the person will have to move away from the group to smoke.
3. The ‘Leader’s’ decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
4. Each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
5. Please do not litter the jungle by chocolate/biscuit wrappers, please befriend nature. And Enjoy Beauty.
6. It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group, in the event of any ‘deviation’ by the participant without the consent of the ‘Trek Leader’, he/she/they will be considered as ‘Independent/s’ and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.
In the event of any Mishap/Eventuality, VRangers & its Leaders will not be held responsible.
{Deviation: For E.g.: Participant decides to go sightseeing on his own, decides to stray away from the group, etc}
7. VRangers reserves the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice. No arguments or refunds will be entertained.

For Reg. & more details, contact Our “ Rangers ”
Sudhir B. 98212 18771.
Nilesh K. 9819775119.
Ananda G. 98922 19155.


Please Note

Registrations made only through calls will be considered as confirmations.

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