GIRIVIHAR, has since its conception in 1964, been devoted to outdoor adventure activities like hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering.

Adventure Activities inculcate courage, patience, determination, leadership, confidence, team spirit and cultivate a love for the environment and respect for nature.

For children, the time is ripe to learn these skills because in tomorrow’s competitive environment, these will prove to be skills rudimentary to survival. And slowly, but surely, this idea is gaining acceptance in our country. Many prestigious schools have an ‘Outdoor Education Programme’ as part of their regular curriculum.

It is with this in mind that GIRIVIHAR conducts the Annul Adventure Camp for school children (age group 8 to13).

The 20th Adventure Camp will be conducted between 9th to 13th November, 2010 at “Vana Vihar” camp site at village Ambivali, Karjat (Dist. Raigad). Camp site is located at about 110 kms from Mumbai;

As a parent who leaves no stone unturned for the child’s development, we are sure you will find this camp an attractive proposition. Of course, a question most likely to occur to you will be, why you must choose GIRIVIHAR’s camp for your kids…… Here’s the answer.

GIRIVIHAR is one of the oldest and most reputed mountaineering clubs in Mumbai

We have had decades of experience conducting Adventure Activities for children, and have enjoyed an enviable safety record (just in case you didn’t notice this is our 20th Adventure camp for kids)

With a long list of pioneering ventures to our name, we are an organisation of genuine mountain experts

An optimum instructor : trainee ratio of 1 : 5

Unlike several commercial set-ups, the entire program is completely owned, managed and conducted by ’true blue’ mountaineers

We conduct this camp for one reason only – introducing kids to the joys of the mountains and moulding them for success in tomorrow’s competitive world

And last, but not the least, we conduct the Camp on a NO-PROFIT basis, making it one of your wisest and most economical investments in your child’s future.


1.Corresp. address : Mr. Prasanna Joshi.
C/O. Lagu Bandhu Motiwale, C102, Kohinoor Apts.,
N. C. Kelkar Marg, Dadar(W), Mumbai – 28.
Tel : 022 – 24227726, 24229152
Website :

Mr. Abhijeet Gandre.
Tel : 09869084340;

Mr. Saurabh Pathare
Tel : 09869252778;

2.Age Limit : 8 to 13 years

3.Camp Fees : Rs. 2200/- inclusive of Rs. 100/- as non-refundable
Registration Charges.(Incl. of Transport/ Lodging/ Boarding
& Equipment etc.)

4.Camp Duration : Tuesday 9th to Saturday 13th November 2010 (5 days)

5.Accommodation : “Vana Vihar” village Ambivali, Karjat (Dist. Raigad).
(Separate arrangement for Boys & Girls)

6.Assembly : On 9th November 2010 at
Thane :0700 hrs. at Teen Hat Naka,
Opp. Forest Office.

Dadar :0800 hrs. in front of Swaminarayan
Temple Near Dadar central railway
station, Dadar (east)

CBD Belapur :0900 hrs. near Apana Bazar, Sector 8.

7.Return Pick-up : On 13th November at 1830hrs. & 1930hrs. at the same spot
at CBD Belapur and Dadar respectively as in Assembly. No Return pick-up at Thane.

8.Parent’s Meeting : At 1900 hrs. on Tuesday, 2nd November at R. A. Podar
College, L. Nappo Marg, Matunga (Central), Mumbai – 19.

Camp Kit (Essential):

A sturdy Ruck-Sack / Haver Sack / Any Back-pack which can hold the following items.

Snugly fitting Canvas Shoes with Rubber soles or similar Sports shoes (For Activity)

Slippers / Chappal (After activity time)

Cotton Socks (2 Pairs)

Lose Tough light weight trousers (Cotton preferred) or Track pants (2 Nos.)

Lose Tough light weight Full-Sleeve Shirts (Cotton preferred) (2 Nos.)

Personal Undergarments (2/3 sets minimum); light weight towel (Pancha)

Light Bedding & One Full Sleeve Sweater.

Light Weight Mug, Plate, Spoon, Bowl, Glass.

Simple Plastic Water Bottle of Min. 1 lit capacity with Shoulder Strap (No Bisleri bottle)

Torch with a spare set of batteries. (Avoid Pencil cell Torch)

Note Book, Pen, Sewing Kit, Spare laces, Safety pins, Mosquito repellent cream, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Soap, small quantity talcum powder, 4 ‘Band-Aid’ Strips, 2-3 Plastic bags (Assorted sizes).

Please Do Not Give cash, gold or other valuable ornaments, mobile phones, wrist watch, any food items, comics or any other books, or anything other than the item specified in the ‘Camp-Kit’ list.

Attending the Patent’s Meeting is a MUST.

Since the Camp venue is more than 90 km. away from Mumbai, while returning it is difficult to keep to the scheduled timings. Parents are requested not to panic and wait for at least one hour after the schedule timing.
In such case please contact to Mrs. Neeta Gandre – 21711114 – (Thane)

The camp venue is in the jungle so nothing can be purchased there. Therefore ensure your child’s Camp kit is complete.

Last Date for submitting entry form : 20th October 2010.

Cancellation : Since all the necessary arrangements like purchase of food, transport,
equipments etc., are made well in advance, cancellations, if any must be communicated in writing at the above address, at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the camp. No refund is applicable after this date.

Additional Information:
Adventure Camp site (“Vana Vihar”) is near Ambivali village, Karjat, Dist. Raigad.; 90 kms. from Dadar and is located on 40 acres of wilderness in the midst of innumerable Cashew, Mango, Jamun & Casuarina trees.
The camp site is connected by a tarred road & has a river flowing along its edge. Electricity is available at the camp site along with a backup generator. The campsite has toilets with running water.

The basic concept of the camp is to introduce outdoor education to the children, develop love for nature, as well as to prepare them to stay on their own, away from parents, inculcate qualities like self reliance, leadership etc.

The approximate daily schedule of the camp, with minor variations depending upon the day to day programme, will be as follows :
05.45 a.m. : Good Morning 01.30 p.m. : Evening session
06.30 a.m. : Warm up 03.00 p.m. : Cold drink (at site)
07.00 a.m. : Milk 06.00 p.m. : Tea/Biscuits
07.30 a.m. : Morning session 07.00 p.m. : Games
08.00 a.m. : Breakfast (at site) 08.30 p.m. : Dinner
12.00 noon : Lunch 10.00 p.m. : Good night – lights off

The meals are strictly vegetarian, made hygienically by an experienced local cook who has been with us from last few years. It is not pungent, considering the requirements of the kids.

The overall food items given during the day are more than sufficient both in quantity and nutritional value. So carrying food items, even toffees etc. is not allowed.

The participants will be accommodated in the tents with a separate tents for boys & girls. The ground will be covered with a mattress.

As regards the camp kit following points are worth taking note of:
Shoes should be in good condition. Ordinary canvas P. T. or similar shoes will serve the purpose. In order to avoid shoe-bites, please ensure that the shoes are used at least 2/3 days

before the camp. The shoes are a must for each activity & child can loose the whole fun of the camp, if the shoes are faulty. Do not forget to give a pair of slippers for the time after the daylong activity.
Socks should be preferably cotton to avoid the problem of blisters etc. A small quantity of any ordinary talcum powder (not the full big tin please!) for applying before wearing shoes will surely make the child more comfortable.
Children will be going through hectic field activity on all the days. Loose tough cotton trousers are the best for both boys as well as girls. Though for most of the activities it is advisable to have full pant, and full sleeve shirt, the boys can change over to half pants and the girls to Punjabi dresses. Simple ‘T-shirts’ will also be suitable, except for Rock-climbing where a full sleeves shirt with collar is a must. Girls will not be allowed to wear Skirts, Frocks etc. during field activity. Also tight fitting pant, heavy jeans must not be given. After the days activity the kids can change into a suitable nightdress of their choice.
Provide with at least 2 to 3 pairs of undergarments with proper instructions to change them.

As the floor of the tent is covered, a thin bed-sheet below and a light weight but warm pull-over is sufficient. Here one may note that 2 to 3 thin layers are warmer than a single thick layer. So an old cotton sari folded twice can prove to be warmer. Pillows other than air-pillow (that too, if it is essential) must not be given.
Please ensure that the water bottle is sturdy , leak-proof and with strap.
Please remember, every unwanted thing given is a burden to the child and they will have to carry it up & down all along. So restrict their load!

There is a complete ‘First-Aid Kit’ available at the campsite. Still it is advisable to carry a few Band-Aid strips. Instructors are trained to give first aid. In case of any serious incidence, the Medical Officer at local PHC is also kept informed about the camp and he is always ready to provide medical help.

Parents are requested to inform the camp-in-charge about any long term medical treatment the child is undergoing for any illness. In such cases the medicines should be deposited with the camp-in-charge with proper instructions. They should inform about the trouble if any (Asthma, breathing trouble etc.) experienced by the kid on exertion and the medicines in such cases. They should also inform about hypersensitivity (to antibiotics, sulpha drugs etc.) / allergies if any. Please note that the kid’s advise will not be accepted in any case and the camp-in-charge may take suitable steps depending upon the situation.

There is no facility to take bath daily, moreover the kids may not find time for this. (Time will be specially provided on one of the days to bathe) Therefore instruct the kid to observe cleanliness.

Proper toilet facility is available at the campsite. Parents are requested to give instructions to the kids regarding using this facility regularly.

Please ensure that the child’s nails are cut properly.

The camp-in-charge and all the instructors are fully trained and have wide experience in all the activities they will carry out. There will be an adequate number of female Instructors.

We have always followed the precautions of safety. The child’s safety at any point is the first priority. Keeping this in mind, the instructors may not allow some kids to participate in some of the activities.

The other instructions on the instruction sheet regarding which items should be given and which must not be given, should be strictly followed. Any eatables, toffees or such other items, comics, games and any other objectionable items found with any trainee will be confiscated. Cash is absolutely unnecessary.

The Camp-in-charge’s decision in any matter during the camp is final.

Parents and/or guests are not allowed to visit the campsite during the camp. A grand camp-fun is organised by the children with variety entertainment programmes presented by the kids themselves, on the last evening (one day prior to the last day). Parents may participate in this function. We will not be in a position to make any arrangements for the parent’s lodging, boarding and transport (other than providing place to stay). The interested parents may contact the Camp-in-charge at the time of parents meeting for further information.

At the Camp Site:

This is a designed camping experience with a series of half-day sessions, each
dedicated to one of the following activities

Trekking : The trek around the vicinity of the camp site orients the participants
to the scenic terrain of “One With Nature” camp site.

Rock Climbing : This is where the basics of Rock climbing are taught to the children.

Rappelling : The child accounts his fear of height and is able to enjoy it too!

Rafting : Experience water as a mode of transport!

Asault Course : Learn to overcome obstacles in life with confidence.

River Crossing : The thrill of being able to cross the river with the help of a rope
without getting wet.

Orienteering : Understand the surroundings with maps and compass.

Treasure hunt : A group activity where confidence and competence amongst
team members is noticed.

Nature Study : Nature is considered to be the best teacher.

Star Gazing : Learn more about the mighty sky above us.(Optional)

Camping out : Being able to stay with bare requirements eg. tent, some
food, a torch in the nature. Self -cooking adds to the flavour!

Application Form:

The General Secretary,
Dear Sir,
My Son/daughter/ward Master / Ms. _________________________________________ desires to participate in the 20th Adventure Camp being organised by GIRIVIHAR from 9th to 13th November 2010 at Vana Vihar” camp site, Karjat (Dist. Raigad).
I have read the instructions and assure you that he/she shall abide by the discipline of the camp.
Our family doctor has confirmed his / her medical fitness. He / She is participating in the camp on my own responsibility.
Yours Sincerely,

_________________________________________ Signature

_________________________________________ Parent / Guardian Name

Particulars Of The Participant:

1. Name : _____________________________________________________

2. Date of Birth : ___________________________ Age : ______________ years

3. Address : _____________________________________________________

4. Telephone No. : _______________________Cell No. :_______________________

5. In case of Emergency contact : __________________________________________

6. Name of School: ____________________________Std.:_____________________

7. Any previous Hiking/Trekking Experience : YES / NO
(If ‘YES’ please specify) : ______________________________________________

8. Other interests : Hobbies / Sports : ______________________________________

9. Preferred language of instructions : English / Hindi / Marathi

10. Will join the assembly point at : Thane / Dadar / CBD

11. Return pick up at : CBD / Dadar

Fees Rs. 2200/- enclosed (By Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft No. _________________

dated __/__/__ drawn on _____________________________ in favour of “GIRIVIHAR”.
Fees handed over to : ____________________________________________________

We came to know about this camp through : News pap

er / School / Friend / Other
(Pl. specify) ____________________________________________________________

Note :Charges include Rs. 100/- as Registration Charges (Non-refundable)

For office use only : Receipt No. : _______________________________

Medical Certificate:

Name of family doctor: _____________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Name of the participant: ____________________________________________________

Recent Illness: ___________________________________________________________

Allergies: _______________________________________________________________

Hyper sensitivity (to antibiotics/sulpha): ________________________________________

Personal Medications:______________________________________________________

Chronic disease if any:__________________________________________________

I understand the nature of the Outdoor Adventure Camp the child is going to
participate in and have examined Master/Miss___________________________________
and in my opinion he/she is medically fit to participate in the program.

Signed: _______________________________________

Name of the Doctor: _______________________________________

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