Aasamant trek to Kalyangad – Sajjangad – Kaas-9th – 10th Oct. 2010


Date :09/10/2010

Location: Satara Region (09-10 Oct 2010)


Kalyangad is situated in Satara region.Height of this fort is 3500 feet.This is one of the easiest trek in this region.This fort has been buily by Raja Bhoj of Shilahar dynasty. It was built during the period 1178 – 1209.The fort is also recognized as “Nandgiri Fort”.Nandagiri is the base village of this fort.

In the year 1673 Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has conquered this fort.

Jaranda ,Chandanvandan,Yavateshwar , Morya , Vairatgad are some other forts situated in the vicinity of Kalyangad.

Some of the interesting points we can see at Kalyangad are,

* Temple carved in the rock which has statues of Parshwanath , Padmavati Devi and Dattatraya.
* Ganesh Temple.
* Hanuman Temple.
* Ruins of old buildings.


This well known fort is situated in Satara destrict.Height of Sajjangad is 3350 feet.

There are two different ways to reach to the top.Oneway which starts from Parali village. This village is hardly 10 kms away from Satara town.While taking this route one has to climb nearly 780 steps.

Other way is now converted in proper road so that one can reach to the main gate of the fort by vehicle. This road starts from village Gajwadi.Even after taking this route one has to climb around 100 steps to reach to the main gate.

This fort has been built in the 11th century by Raja Bhoj of Shilahar dynasty.The original name of this fort is “Ashwalayan”.

Local people also recognize this fort as Fort of Parali.Parali is the base village of Sajjangad.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has conquered this fort in the year 1673 from Adilshah.On the request from Shivaji Maharaj, Samartha Ramdas swami came to this fort to stay. After that Maharaj renamed this fort as “ Sajjangad”.

Points on Sajjangad

* The cave where Samarth Ramdas swami used to meditate.
* Small lake.
* Temple of Anglai Devi.
* Temple of Hanuman.

Thoseghar Waterfall

The Thoseghar is just 20 kms from the Satara city. It is situated at the beginning of Konkan Region. A 1000 feet waterfall makes the village very special. There are thousands of people come from all over Maharashtra to visit this place especially in Rainy season. Thoseghar is very famous for it’s high Waterfall . These Waterfalls are very attractive and creates a loud noise in the calm nature. These waterfalls are also accompanied by a clean lake, dark woods and highly hilly region.

Kaas Plateau

We all have heard about the “Valley of Flowers” in the Himalaya where hundreds of varieties of wild flowers of all colors blooms during the period of August – September every year. However , not many know that a similar place exists in Maharashtra…..it’s a “Plateau of flowers”….. famously known as “Kaas plateau” situated approx. 25 kms from Satara city.

The plateau of Kaas becomes home to millions of tiny flowers in late monsoons. More than 300 varieties of wild flowers, herbs, orchids, shrubs, insectivorous plants etc. can be seen here during this period.

Trek Schedule

* First Pickup Point : 08th October 2010 , 10:30 p.m at Aarey Colony Junction.(Goregaon east)
* Second Pickup Point : 08th October 2010,11:30 p.m near Vishwamahal Hotel.(Mulund West)
* On 9th Oct we will visit Kalyangad and Sajjangad.
* On 10th Oct we will visit Kaas and Thoseghar waterfall.
* Back to Mumbai by 10th Oct Evening 09:00 pm.

Contribution for this trek is Rs.1800/- (Advance Contribution Rs.900/-)

Contribution includes travelling ,food expenses and stay for complete trek.

**Aasamant reserves all rights to make changes in the plan , if required.
Amit Nanivadekar : 9819274977
Akshay Mulye :        9819212975
Rupali Kadam :       9819486782

Vaibhav Bhosle :     9820480382

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