Mountain Mavalas basic rock climbing and rappelling at lohgad 5th of December

They say rock climbers will quickly begin to develop arm,back,finger and core strength as a result of the many reaches and holds that are repeated over and over through the completion of one climb.
Rock Climbing addresses four of the five components of physical fitness which are muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility.we say “lets just enjoy rock climbing”. so join us on 05th of December for a basic rock climbing and rappelling activity at lohgad.

Itinerary : –
– assemble at dadar at 12:30 am (Saturday Night)
– reach bhaje village by 03:30 am
– start trek to machi by 04:00 am.
– reach machi (base village) by 05:30 am.
– rest, fresh up and breakfast till 07:30 am
– rock climbing and rapelling till 12:30 pm.
– fresh up, lunch,rest and leave for bhaje village by 02:30 pm
– reach dadar at 07:00 pm

trek charges Rs. 750 per head
including: –
– private bus from dadar to lohgad and back
– morning breakfast, lunch, evening snacks
– halt in a house for rest and food
– rock climbing, rappelling and equipment charges.

Total No. of Participants would be 25
last date of registration 01st December 2010
contact :-
Vipul Kotwal: – 9819058685
Vijay Patil: – 9833097637

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