Achla fort

Achla fort, the west-most in the Chandor range, about twenty miles north of Dindori, was described by Captain Briggs, in 1818, as a large hill, little different from other hill forts in the same range. The ascent was fairly easy till near the top where it was steep and craggy. The foundation of a wall ran round part of the hill near the doorway, but it was either never finished or had fallen. There was no building and no place to keep ammunition except a thatched guard-house. [Captain Briggs’ report, dated 20th June 1818, in Ahmadnagar Collector’s File, VI. Inward Miscellaneous.] Achla was one of the seventeen fortified places which surrendered to Colonel McDowell on the fall of Trimbak in 1818. [Blacker’a Maratha War, 322 note 2.]

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