Ahivant [Captain Briggs writes the names Eywunta, Blacker Eyewuttah, and the later maps Iwautta and Iawatta.] or the Serpent Port, in the Chandor range, about fifteen miles north of Dindori, was described by Captain Briggs in 1818 as a large and shapeless hill, remarkably bleak and unhealthy. It was accessible both from Khandesh and Gangthadi. The road from Khandesh was good and easy. The Gangthadi route was remarkably steep being entirely a watercourse, almost impassable in the rains. A sort of rough but useless dam was built across the ravine to turn off the water. After passing the ravine the road turned off and was then assisted by steps. [Both routes were infested with tigers in 1818.] There were two smalt arches intended for doors and a little very ruinous wall near the arches. On the hill there was a ruinous storehouse built of stone and mortar. The water-supply in the fort was ample. There were five militia-men or sibandis on the hill. [Captain Briggs’ report, dated 20th June 1818, in Ahmadnagar Collector’s File, VI. Inward Miscellaneous.]

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