Bahula Fort

Bahula Fort, (3165) about ten miles south-west of Nasik, was described by Captain Briggs in 1818 as difficult of access, with only one road up the scarp of the rock by steep steps. These steps went to within twelve or fourteen feet perpendicular height of the gate, and these twelve feet were climbed by a ladder which was drawn up at pleasure into the fort. This contrivance rendered the gate almost as inaccessible as the rest of the hill. Captain Briggs considered it the simplest and strongest mode of protecting the entrance to the gates of such hill forts. A bad wall ran round part of the fort. The top of the fort was very small and had a ruined arched building like a bombproof. There was plenty of water, and, at the foot of the scarp outside the fort, was a fine excavation in the rock which served as a granary. [Captain Briggs’ Report, 20th June 1818, in Ahmadnagar Collector’s File, VI. Inward Miscellaneous.]

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