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BHASKARGAD FORT, about eight miles south of Igatpuri, is described by Captain Briggs, who visited it in 1818, as easy of access, but with a long ascent to the foot of the scarp. The path lay through thick bamboo brushwood which hid all view of the fort to within 200 yards. The path then continued nearly across the whole side of the hill by a narrow track under the scarp of the rock which is too overhanging for stones hurled from the top to reach the track. From here the ascent was by good broad steps cut out of a deep road in the rock and rendered easy by its winding route. At the top was a good strong gate. On the hill top there were no bomb proofs for ammunition or provisions and both were kept in ft thatched house. The water supply of the fort was ample. [One weak point in this fort was a space of about forty yards where the perpendicular rock broke into an easy ascent A bad wall about 4½ feet thick had been built here and a worse bastion, neither of them more than twelve and in one place not more than six feet high. This part was easy to carry by escalade with little loss as, not forty yards lower down, there was perfect cover for a large body of men, There were no parapet and no loopholes to this work, so that the garrison were forced to expose themselves. Captain Briggs’ Report, 20th June 1818, in Ahmadnagar Collector’s File, VI. Inward Miscellaneous.]

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