Koledhair Fort

Koledhair Fort on the Chandor range, about four miles west of Rajdhair fort and seven miles north-west of Ghandor, was described by Captain Briggs, who visited it in 1818, as a poor stronghold, hardly deserving the name of a fort. It was large and easy of ascent, an ill built wall about ten feet long and six feet high with a miserable door being the only fortification. There were good rock-cut granaries and store-houses, but a deficient and bad water supply in the hot season. There were seven of the Peshwa’s militia in the fort. [A bad pass, but practicable for horses, runs into Khandesh over the lower part of the hill. Captain Briggs’ Report, 20th June 1818.] Koledhair was one of the seventeen strong places that surrendered to the British after the fall of Trimbak in 1818. [Blacker’s Maratha War, 322 note 2.]

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