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Kulang and Alang FORT History

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Kulang and Alang on the Ahmadnagar frontier of Igatpuri, about ten miles south-east of Igatpuri station, are two blocks of precipitous flat-topped rocks. Like Aundha and Patta, Kulang and Alang are about two miles distant from each other, Alang being almost entirely in the Ahmadnagar district. Their tops are inaccessible, the old way of approach having been destroyed. The two blocks are separated by the smaller mass of Madangad, which, like its neighbours, was rendered inaccessible by the destruction, probably in 1818, of the rough staircase leading to it through a cleft in the almost perpendicular rock. Along can be climbed from Kulangvadi village in Nasik about two miles to the north, but with great difficulty and some danger. The crags in this range are the steepest of any in the collectorate and hardly afford foothold for any but the smallest brushwood. Under strict conservancy the ledges between the chief scarps show a better growth. To the east of Alang is the steep pass known as the Husband and Wife, navra-navri, from two curious pillars of rock that jut up from the ridge dividing the Nasik and Ahmadnagar collectorates. The pass is passable en foot though difficult. [‘Mr. J. A.Baines, C.S.] No record of the builders of these forts has been traced. They were probably ceded to the Peshwa by tho Moghals in 1760 along with Kavnai and other Nosik forts. [According to one account Alang was handed to the Peshwa by the Kolis of Jawhar in Thana. Trans. Bom. Geog. Soc., 1.244. ] From the Peshwa they passed to the British in 1818.

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