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Tringalva’di Port, 2893 feet above the sea, stands six miles north-west of Igatpuri and four miles north of the Thal pass. It was visited by Captain Briggs in 1818. He found the path up the lower part of the hill long and easy. The scarp of the rock was low and a flight of good steps led up its face. There was a second approach on the other side of the hill but it was purposely stopped with stones and earth. [Captain Briggs’ Report, 20th June 1818, in Ahmadnagar Collector’s File, Inward Miscellaneous, VI. Captain Briggs thought the latter road the letter suited for defence as it requited fewer men.] In 1636 Tringalvadi fort is mentioned among the places which Shahaji, Shivaji’s father after his defeat at Mahuli in Thana was forced to make over to the Moghals. [Elliot and Dowson, VII. 60.] Tringalvadi is one of the sixteen fortified places which surrendered to the British on the fall of Trimbak in April 1818. [Blacker’s Maratha War, 322 note 2.] Tringalvadi has several caves and a ruined temple of Brahmadev with a Sanskrit inscription dated A.D. 1344 (Shak 1266). [Dr. Burgess’ List of Antiquarian Remains.]

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