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As an influential blogger and a responsible citizen, I request you to give 2 mins for a good cause. Being a Mumbaikar, it always concerns you and me, whether this beautiful city is safe for our women, children and elder citizens. Everytime a tragedy like 26/11 occurs, our confidence is shattered and the law and order is questioned. Who is responsible for this ignorance, we the unaware citizens or the leaders of this country?

We come up with different, innovative ideas on how the law and order situation can be changed and made better. But are our concerns being heard in the Parliament? If not, how do we get our leaders to pay heed to our concerns? We have the rights to protect this city and work towards its progress for sure, but how do we actually do it? This is where the Praja Foundation comes in.

Praja Foundation has taken the initiative to develop a communication between citizens and their leaders. By signing a petition, not only will you be asking the right questions to your leaders, but also help raise concerns in Parliament.

As a Mumbaikar, we urge you to help us spread the word for this good cause, through blogging, tweeting and other means of communication. Your word will be of great help to make this initiative a success and avoid tragedies that cost the city many innocent lives. After all, an aware Mumbai is a safe Mumbai.

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