SchoolOS an alternate operating system

School OS is complete and fully functional operating system based on the Gnome window managers and powered by the popular Ubuntu Linux Distribution but It is MonoFree. School OS Comes with Live DVD which specially made for Indian students. SchoolOS is joint collaboration of NCERT , IIT Delhi and Knowledge Commons.

Landing Page

* Aim – “Lets Install GNU/Linux on every Indian school. Lets teach GNU/Linux to every Indian teacher & student”
* SchoolOS Project is driven by many individuals
* We believe that SchoolOS is the best GNU/Linux Distro for Indian Schools
* SchoolOS contains all the tools, education packages, games, Ebooks, Wikipedia etc..
* We are documenting/collecting various tutorials, videso, HowTos and putting here (SchoolOS-Wiki)
* We (the SchoolOS volunteers) are visiting Schools and advocating and helping for GNU/Linux migration.
* We believe, Free/OpenSource education tools are best things we can give to schools.

Installation Guide

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