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Aasamant trek to Avachitgad and Talgad on 16th January 2011

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Avachitgad is situated in the mountain range of Roha, Raigad district. Hight of this fort is 1100 fts above sea level. This fort is surrounded by dense forest and easy to trek. This fort was built in the reign of Shilahars and it says that Maratha empire used this fort as a soldiers camp.
What to see on Avachitgad …..

  • Mahadarvaja (Gomukhi Darvaja)
  • Shiva Mandir
  • Statue of Pingalsai Devi and Khandoba
  • Water cisterns and a small lake
  • Bastions of the fort well in condition
  • Scripture (Shilalekh)
  • South and North patrolling point (Tehalni Buruj)
  • From the top we can see beautiful Kundalika river and Roha City
  • We can have glimpse of Raigad, Lingana, Torana, and Sarasgad
  • Enjoy the view of Konkan Railway passing through Roha city

Talgad is situated in Roha Region, Raigad district. Hight of this fort is 1000 fts above sea level. This is small fort and very well contracted. This fort is strategically very important. This fort was built to keep eye on the invaders, who can get in through the western coastline. Shivaji Maharaj kept this fort along with him even at the time of purandar treaty. 
What to see on Talgad …..

  • Hanuman Darvaja  
  • Statue of Lord Hanuman 
  • Water cisterns 
  • Bastions of the fort well in condition 
  • Grain storage 
  • Remains of old constructions     
  • Tehalni Buruj 
  • From the top we can see Rajapuri creek and also have glimpse of Ghosalgad  
  • We can also see the Savitri River from the eastern side of the fort

 Trek Schedule:

  • First pickup 9.45 pm National Park, Borivali East on 15th January 2011.
  • Second Pickup 10.45 pm Vishwamahal Hotel, Mulund west on 15th January 2011.
  • Reach Pali by 2.30 am 16th January 2011, stay for 3 hours.
  • On Sunday morning we will take Ballaleshwar Ganapati Darshan and start Avachitgad trek in the late afternoon we will start Talgad trek.
  • We will return Mumbai around 9.00 pm on Sunday 16th January 2011.
  • Contribution per person is Rs. 750/-
(This includes tea, breakfast, lunch, snacks and private transport from Borivali to Borivali.
  • All our treks are eco-friendly treks, kindly take care of nature around us.
  • Confirmation of names for Participation is subject to payment of advance of Rs 500/-.
  • Organizers are not responsible for safety of any valuable items of participants.
  • Organizers have the authority to make any kind of changes in the program without prior intimation  
For details contact us:
Santosh Bhide  :   9930660731
Akshay Mulye  :   9819212975
 Vaibhav Bhosle:   9820480382

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