As most of you know, festival of makar sankranti is celebrated with a lot of joy in india, specially in Maharashtra, Gujarat, where you find hundreds of types of colorful kites soaring across the sky. what people don’t realize while flying these kites is that the thread, or manja as its called, kills thousands of birds every year, and cripples the others for life! People use glass manja, so their kites don’t get cut and fly higher, but what they dont realise is that the same manja, gets entangled in trees where birds nests, and creates problem not only for 2 days when the festival is celebrated, but for the next couple of months.

A lot of birds are found hanging upside down a couple of days after the festival, showing how painful death they have got. a lot of migratory birds, who have flown from far off places, also loose their lives, not to mention young kids who run blindly on road trying to catch a kite and get into accidents.

How can we celebrate a festival which injures so many birds? Can we not celebrate a festival in a friendly manner, not harming the birds and just eating til-gul and spreading cheer and love?

Attached below are PAWS Volunteers contact numbers for bird rescue. So please forward this email to as many contacts you have, and please try to save a life this year!

For injured birds contact (PAWS) –

PAWS Helpline – 9820161114 / 9920777536

Thane – Avinash Bhagat – 9892061899

Dombivli – Nilesh Bhanage – 9820161114

Kalyan – Samir Nevgi – 9930232710

Ulhasnagar – Neetu John – 8080208363

Team PAWS has trained bird handlers, also team equipped with Bird Carriers, Gloves & other imported rescue equipments.

Attached are some posters designed for PAWS by an advertising agency to spread awareness.


Nilesh Bhanage
+91 9920777536 v=9HigxbMqfh0

Ishwari Bandal
volunteer (PAWS)

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