NGO corner at The Bombay Store

About Us:-

Our Heritage

In the early 1900s while India was still under the British rule, one of the strongest manifestations of mass awakening was the desire to patronize all that was ‘Swadeshi’ (Made in India).

Great Indian patriots and eminent businessmen like Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sir Ratanji Jamshedji Tata, amongst others conceived the idea of a chain of
co-operative stores across India.

Bombay Swadeshi Co-operative Stores Co. Ltd. thus came into existence. On December 17th, 1906, the flagship store was inaugurated by Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji.

Maintaining a Contemporary Appeal

In the present day of globalization, the swadeshi movement has little significance.

As the store now caters to an audience with a contemporary mindset the brand was re-christened in 1995 as ‘The Bombay Store’.

Over the century it has managed its appeal such that it is recognized and highly recommended as a must see destination by the international Traveler’s guide “Lonely Planet” ‘ and all other such well known sites.

Our mission is to help our customers; both tourists and local ‘Discover a New India.’

Our clientele is among the most loyal with regular customers often knowing our staff by their first names. Big names from India and around the world have always found something or the other that caught their fancy.

The Bombay Store Experience

We provide thousands of square feet of shopping bliss with large open spaces to amble around in.

One can take her pick from exquisite artefacts in clay, metal, leather, paper, wood, with eco friendly products in all categories. The mellow fragrances of tea, herbs and pot pourri provide an idyllic gateway from reality while you browse.

To soothe and calm the bodies and minds numbed by the ravages of modern life, we have a range of aromatherapy and acupressure products.

Painstakingly crafted dhurries, carpets, wall hangings and home accessories that are conversation pieces will surely catch the fancy of the aesthetic mind.

Natty sharp formals and accessories beckon the discerning man and woman as also western and ethnic casuals. The ladies also choose from an array of semi precious and costume jewellery.

The Store as it is fondly called has grown way beyond being a fashion and home retail store.

Today, it’s considered a place where people come in for the leisurely ‘experience’ as much for the shopping. Each visit is a discovery trip for customers who are amazed at the huge variety of artefacts on display in an ambience that enhances them. It’s where people walk in knowing that they will be pleasant surprises in store at every corner. They also know very well that even if they take their own sweet time, there will be enough left to be ‘discovered’ another day.

Our Reach

Following our well defined growth strategy and to reach out to our clientele spread across the country, we have taken the Bombay Store story far afield by opening several stores away from Mumbai. These include stores in Bangalore, Lonavala and Goa and two stores in Pune, three stores in Hyderabad & one in Aurangabad. Not to miss three more stores in the metropolis of Mumbai at Vashi, Malad and Lower

We plan to introduce more signature stores and spread the legacy of The Bombay Store far and beyond in the near future.

Our small initiative for the Benefit of the society.

We are planning to have an NGO corner in our bigger stores, where we will make available space to sell products. This space will be demarcated especially for the products.

The Store Locations:-

1) Sir PM Road – Mumbai.

2) Inorbit Vashi – Navi Mumbai.

3) MG Road – Pune.

4) Indiranagar – Bangalore.

In Rest of the 10 stores we will make these products available.

Benefits to NGO:-

1) Platform to sell their products.

2) Wider reach to their products.

3) An opportunity to have a steady revenue stream for the NGO.

4) An opportunity to sell greater quantities of products, there by scope of generating more revenues for them to use for the benefit of the society.

5) Visibility to the NGO & products through various marketing activity that will be carried out from time to time.

Questionnaire for NGO for Product Sale in TBS.

1) What types of products are made?

2) Who makes these products?

3) Who are the beneficiaries of the NGO activities?

4) What are the quantities?

5) Is there a MRP to the product?

6) What is the MRP?

7) What is the retailer’s margin?

8) Is replenishment of products possible?

9) What is the sphere of activity of the NGO?


Prasad Despande

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