The Pencil Project highlights the lives of three former street children

The Pencil Project is an initiative by Digital Law & Kenneth to highlight the lives of three former street children, Suraj, Jasmine and Lily. Become a fan of these three children and follow their lives on Facebook.

These fan-pages will showcase the children’s musical talents and engagement with “Music Basti”, a music education and awareness project that focuses on helping these children to develop self- identity, values orientation and attitudes. The fan-pages will also showcase the child’s key achievements, ambitions, activities and lots more.

Suraj, Jasmine and Lily belong to “Ummeed” Aman Ghar for Boys (Mehrauli), “Khushi” Aman Ghar for Girls (Okhla Ind. Area Phase 1) and “Kilkari” Rainbow Aman Ghar for Girls (Kashmere Gate), of the “Dil Se” Campaign (of Aman Biradari and Center for Equity Studies) in Delhi. (read less)

We really need your help and online presence to make this project a success and support not only the 3 children Suraj, Lilima and Jasmine who are highlighted through this project, but goes towards challenging the perception about the millions of children-at-risk that need our help.

Thanks for your time,

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Faith Gonsalves

We need your help with an online project that has launched today called THE PENCIL PROJECT!

“LIKE” and we will donate Rs. 1 towards the education of these children! Your donation can help them more than you think. Your contribution to The Pencil Project can come in many ways. Whichever you choose, the impact is boundless.




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