Meru Treks – Trek To Sarasgad Near Pali on 26th -27th Feb.2011

Trek To Sarasgad Near Pali.
Dates: 26th & 27th Feb.2011.
Difficulty level: Medium
Height: 1600 ft
Dist: Raigad

Shree Ganesh is the deity of knowledge. Pali is a famous place. Lord Ganesh is worshipped everywhere. The eight places, which are important pilgrimages of Ganesh, are called ;Ashtavinayak;. Lord Ganesh of Pali is named Ballaleshwar. Sarasgad is situated on the borders of pali. A very huge wall of Sarasgad is at the north south border of Pali.

This fort was mainly used to keep a check on the surrounding regions. From fort, ;pali; and all surrounding areas can be seen. Shivaji Maharaj brought this fort under Swarajya and spent 2000 hon (the prevailing currency) for its reconstruction. Till independence this fort was under Bhor Sansthan.

Fascinating spots :
Near the main entrance we see a triple curtain wall. Going rightwards and ascending 15 steps we see the ramparts. To the left there is a big water tank. Next to it was a gallery. Further there is another way to the fort. Near this is a water tank named ;Moti Haud;. If we go at right, we have to ascend 15 steps and then we reach the base of citadel.

Base of citadel :
Here we see a very big water reservoir. To its left is the tomb of Shahapeer. Near to it few small lakes are seen. In a cavern nearby we see ;Shivlinga;. Here a few can stay. At the right side of the tank we see silos, armory, jail and residences. Here also 10 to 12 people can be accommodated. Next to it is the way towards citadel.

Top of citadel :
On the fort we see Kedareshwar temple and a lake nearby. Two bastions are there to keep watch on surrounding areas. From citadel we can see the mountain of ;Tin Kavdi;. We can locate Sudhagad, Tailbaila, Dhangad and Korigad. We also see Paligaon, river Amba, hot water reservoirs of ;Unheri;, Konkan and Jambhulpada. On Vaishakh Poornima (full moon day), the villagers celebrate the festival of Shahapeer. Many people go to Kedareshwar temple on ;Maha Shivratri;. Sarasgad is one of the favorite places of the trekkers.

Ways to reach :
We can go to fort through ;Dindi Darwaza;. This is the only way to the fort. One should alight at Pali and go to the fort through ;Dindi Darwaza;. Go to left from backside of the temple. This way heads straight to the bastion of the fort. There is a room at the base of the bastion. It was residence of the guards. From here ascend about 96 steps and go at the main entrance of the fort. Opposite to it is a gatehouse.

Time To Reach :
1 hour from Pali to Dindi Darwaza.& 2hrs For further Trekking.


Date: 26th Feb.2011:
* Dep. By train To Nagothane railway station in Eve.
* By Bus/Auto To Pali. After holly darshan of Ballaleshwar Ganapati & dinner; Rest For The day in Bhakta Nivas. (Carry your own bedding & dinner for the day)

Date: 27th Feb.2011:
* After breakfast at 7:00 am start trek to Sarasgad from Pali.
* Pack lunch at Sarasgad at 11:30 am.
* Start descending at 12:30 pm from Sarasgad.
* Arrival at Pali around 03:00 pm.
* After tea dep. For Nagothane by Bus/Auto.
* By train to Mumbai.

* Dadar Ratnagiri Passenger:( KR3:50103)
General Fare Rs.20 & 2nd Sitting Fare Rs.34.
Departs @ from Dadar-Central:15:35
Arrives @ Nagothane:18:39
Duration:-3h 4m
* Return Journey: Sawantwadi Diva Passenger: (KR6:50106)
General Fare Rs.16 & 2nd Sitting Fare Rs.30.
Departs from Nagothane: 18:32
@ Panvel: 20:15
Arrives @ Diva: 21:20
Duration:-2h 47m

Cost Rs.350/-pp.

Cost Includes:-
* Transportation by Auto/Bus from Nagothane-Pali-Nagothane railway station.
* Breakfast, Mor.Tea, Pack Lunch, Eve.Tea & snacks.
* Guide Fee.
* Bhakta Nivas Donation.
Cost Excludes:-
* Train/Bus fare from Mumbai to Pali/Nagothane.
* Dinner on 22nd Jan 2011.
* Anything other than cost includes.

Things to be Carry:-
* Extra Pair Cloths.
* Wind Cheater /Sweater/Warm Cloths
* Bedding.
* Dinner.
* Water Bottle.
* Torch & Cap.
* Things To Munch.
* Shoes & Floaters/Sleepers (To relax your feet.)

You can directly join on 26th Feb.2011 at Pali Bhakta Nivas & Dep. after trek on 27th Feb.2011. Transportation at your own cost.

For More Information Contact:
Meru Treks & Tours
Devendra Gandre: 9869112827/9220874847

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