Come and encourage teach for india kids @ Matunga Labour Camp, Dharavi 28th February

The second standard students invite you to the “Superstar Showcase” — a demonstration of their learning through this one year.

I am a “Teach For India” Fellow placed to teach 2nd standard in a municipal school in Matunga Labour Camp, Dharavi. When I started teaching 83% could not recognize the alphabets, spoken English was non-existent and the average reading fluency was less than 1 word a minute. The maths skills were very poor and rote learning was predominant. Kids were scared to participate in class and to work collaboratively.

In just one year, my kids have found a safe place in my class. My students have acquired basic spoken english, reading fluency, based writing and maths skills, and exposure to various experiences. We would like to walk you through this journey….

Come take the “Superstar tour” and encourage my kids. You will have a great start to the week – I promise 🙂

PS: This will be my last showcase. Please do RSVP and come.

Milind Nagda
Teach For India Fellow.
2nd Std Class Teacher,
Rajshri Shahunagar Municipal School,
Matunga Labour Camp, Dharavi, Mumbai

Time 11:00 – 13:00

Rajshri Shahunagar English Primary Municipal School, Shahunagr Fire Station, Near Mahim (E) station, Matunga Labour Camp, Dharavi

And they Teach For India…

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