Giriviraj Hikers Introduction to Rock climbing, Personal safety and Practice session 27th March 2011

Rock climbing is a sport wherein the climber’s physical strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his mental control are put to test. It can be a precarious (Or dangerous) sport unless you have the knowledge of proper climbing techniques and usage of specialized climbing equipment, which is crucial for the safe completion of various routes.  
At Giriviraj Hikers, we emphasize more on developing right ethics and discipline while learning the basics of rock climbing techniques. This immensely helps an individual to take care of own personal safety, enhance self-confidence and nurture new trekking skills; combined with the knowledge of mountain ethics and jungle survival.  
Keeping in mind all this, we are pleased to introduce such a Session which is designed on the basis of:-
1] Introducing – Basic rock climbing,
2] Inculcating – Correct mountain ethics,
3] Training – Safe and Effective use of the equipment. 
Moreover, learn all the above from very qualified climbers; who have a vast experience in this field and have conducted series of successful assignments in the field of trekking and rock-climbing. 
The Session Contents:-
  1. Basic Rock climbing and Bouldering
  2. Exercise to help you build stamina and boost your endurance levels
  3. Rope Management :    Knots , Coiling & Care of rope
  4. Anchoring  & Belay Techniques
  5. Rappelling, Wall Climbing
  6. Mountain ethics & Jungle survival


When and Where:-
Date:   27.03.2011 TO 27.03.2011
Timings:  07.30 am to 04.30 pm
Place:   Mumbra nursery near Mumbra devi Temple
Meeting Point:   Mumbra Station Near Ticket Counter at 07.15 am 
Charges and What to Carry:- 
Charges:  Rs. 300/- per head (including Tea+Snacks)
Clothes: Wear comfortable closed neck casual cotton top and stretchable or comfort fit
            cotton trousers.
Shoes:  Flexible shoes with a good rubber grip for proper hold over rocks.  
To Carry: 1. Compulsory – Lunch for Sunday 27.03.2011
          2. Water bottle 03 Liters .
Do Not Carry : 3. Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments. 
Registration Details:-

For all your further inquiries, kindly co-ordinate with the below organizing members of
Team Giriviraj

Kiran Adfadkar               09221832949,          
Yogesh Sadare   08108477810.
Pravin Ghude    09920404522,
Brief Introduction of Mumbra Hills:-
Hills of Mumbra is a haven for trek lovers.
Conveniently located in the Central suburbs, situated around 40 km from Mumbai. It is close to Thane (????) and Diwa (????) and is well connected with Mumbai by roads and the local train network. 
The majestic Mumbra hills commonly known as the ‘climbing nursery’ is now becoming a hot spot for trek and adventure lovers. Busy adventurous activities have started taking place on the hills, due to its easy accessibility. These adventure activities keep happening throughout the year. 
There are around 15-20 kinds of boulders, each one unique in its own way to carry out activities like laddering, commando bridge, monkey climbing et al.  Also there are very few chances of accidents as permanent anchors on few boulders are installed. Other adventure lovers can enjoy without fear on it but preferably with the assistance of experts. 
A trekker needs to have a thorough knowledge in rappelling to undertake such an activity and this is where Giriviraj Hikers plays a vital role. Overall, this is a great place to try your hand at rock climbing, rappelling and other exciting activities. 
Giriviraj Hikers


“Introduction to Rock climbing, Personal safety and Practice sessions”
Programme conducted and arranged by “Giriviraj Hikers” Dt. 06.02.2011.
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