Garage Sale to support film Behind the Tin Sheet bangalore 26th march

Ekta and Yashu are trying to complete their film “Behind the Tin Sheets”. The film documents the lives of the workers who are involved in building the Bangalore Metro Rail. The film narrates the transformations that the city has undergone through the lives of the workers and the process of construction of the metro rail system. A sneak preview of the movie is available on

Currently, Ekta and Yashu need Rs. 1,00,000 (one lakh) to finish the post-production work including sound, editing, etc. They have run out of the fellowship amount they had received for making the film. In an effort to raise funds to help them complete the film, we are organizing a Garage Sale in Bangalore featuring books, paintings, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and many other knick-knacks. The items in the sale have been contributed by people who want to support the fund raising effort.

We are all keen and passionate that Ekta and Yashu complete this film. So come one, come all and take your pick from the Garage Sale! And, pass this information to your friends, acquaintances and near and dear ones! And, if you want to send in money directly to Ekta and Yashu for helping them complete their film, see details on

Date: Saturday, 26th March
Time: 4 PM to 8 PM
Venue: Variety Book House, next to K C Das sweet shop, on Church Street

For more details, write to Ekta Mittal on and Zainab Bawa on

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