The Color Caravan

Founded by Swati Seth, The Color Caravan is a platform for traditional Indian handicrafts. It was born out of Swati’s passion for travel, love for art & craft and concern to preserve and propagate age-old traditional Indian crafts. OUR AIM: To create livelihood for artisans and thus preserve our traditional craft. OUR GOAL: To work with a large base of artisans, located in remote corners of India. OUR PARTNERS: Mostly independent artisans, SHGs(Self Help Groups) and NGOs. Some of the artisans that we work with are NATIONAL/STATE Awardees.


Tel: Delhi: 011- 46534315
Lucknow: 0522-2624182

Remember- When you buy a product from The Color Caravan, you not only show your appreciation for Indian handicrafts, you also help create livelihood for artisans and thus help preserve our age-old traditional craft.

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