ANIMALS MATTER TO ME (MUMBAI) visit to Pune to help 135 stranded dogs 10th April, 2011

Quite a few of us heard about Mrs. Zarine Patel’s sad demise, the lady who owned a shelter with approx 135 dogs in Pune. We at AMTM Mumbai had initiated to pool in as many resources as possible to help for the same. A team of AMTM Mumbai volunteers leaves for Pune on this sunday ie 10th April, 2011 at 0700 hrs.
We request as many Volunteers as possible to join in and Volunteers in Pune… will be pleased to see you all in your own city !
Patrons can call 9819380310 or email on for further details!
Directions to the 135-dog shelter
Address is
15 Stavley Rd, 9 East Street, Camp, Pune
Closest landmark- Cantonment Police Station a.k.a Lashkar Police Chowky. Coming from East Street, turn right at Gurudwara Road.
Go straight at the first signal and look to your right.
It is a corner house with a huge yard at the first turnoff to the right

Update April 8th 2011
Great news to share ! A total of 11 dogs have been adopted from 135 dogs that makes it 124 to go ! We are sure we will get them adopted with the help of volunteers and all ngos coming forward to help them ! Cheers ANIMALS MATTER TO ME (MUMBAI)

Once strays, now orphans: Zareen patel’s 135 canines

Dr. Coyage Road, Camp, Ghorpuri, Pune, Maharashtra, India (Lashkar Police Station)

Update – Staveley Road Re-homing Project:
– 15 dogs adopted so far
– Overwhelming number of volunteers.. thank you all.
– Starting a volunteer schedule – drop by tomorrow to sign up between 11am – 6.30pm. (under 18s please bring a parent sign a consent form just the first time)
– Got lots of food, treats and other doggy stuff and having problems storing any more. Will be posting a new list soon of things needed.

They need a lot more attaching a list – also funds which would be much appreciated. Dont have cigarettes for a day and contribute Rs. 100 and save a dogs life… LIST FOLLOWED….
– Bowls
– Leashes
– Chains
– Muzzles- Cleaning liquids, brooms, swabs etc.
– Old newspapers
Need some garden stuff like those green sheets to put on top of cages to keep them cool.
– hay/straw chatais to put on cages.
– Plastic/ Metal tubs which can be filled with water for doggies to jump into in the heat 🙂
Anyone who would like to contribute (Funds), I also have the account number for ResQ – please inbox me with your details. Lets give whole heartedly!


Hello folks, you can drop off things at The Pawsh in Baner(020-32407099), or at the ResQ office in Ashok Nagar(9373888500). Please call either of the two numbers before you come in to drop off things and we can help you with exact addresses. Thanks in advance.

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