6 critical requirements of GOONJ

Dear Friends,

This mail, may be firstof its kind in the last 12 years of our work, is
not about what we aredoing or plan to do. (Please refer
www.goonj.orgfor regular updates)

Here are 6 criticalrequirements, ways to engage to strengthen the work.
Do read, revert, actand pass on the message to your friends, colleagues
and relatives if youthink they can also join this movement!!

1. TEAM2000: It’s about bringing together a strong team of 2000people
who contribute a sum of Rs. 10,000/- or more in a year.  (About$ 250 or
just about Rs. 800/- a month) It’s NOT like an EMI or alifelong
commitment. Give till you feel comfortable or trust thework.  Commit
less or morealthough we are looking for 2000people to commit Rs.
10,000/- or more… Apart from taking care of majorregular expenses,
the money will be used for growth, expansion and widerreplication.

We are sure that it isachievable and like all other initiatives of
GOONJ, we want TEAM 2000 alsoto be driven by the volunteers.. do sign
up, spread the word, talk topeople to join TEAM 2000.A simple form is
enclosed giving the moneytransfer options. Contributions in India are
tax exempted u/s 80G of ITact.

2.Vehicles: With the spread, transport cost has gone up and
materialinflow at GOONJ is increasing. Pick up vans are an immediate
need in Delhi,Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata & Jalandhar (@
approx 4.5 lakhrupees). An Informal group, Focus India Forum from
Singapore has just takencare of the vehicle in Chennai. Possible
contacts with vehicle companies orto get the discounted rates are

3.Computers/laptops: For the past many years we havesomehow managed
with the used lot of computers. Now when we are focusing onMIS, trying
to use technology to maximize the potential, we need high end,good
systems. Laptops are preferred as most team members spend a lot oftime
in the field. Our requirement is of 25 Computers/laptops and
7printers/photocopy machines .

4.Transport support: or linkages with transport companies to reachout
material to hundreds of towns/villages across the country.

5. Space:We are looking for about 2000 sq. ft. space for a
processingcenters/storage in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Jalandhar, Chennai and
Hyderabadeither pro-bono or on minimum possible rent. Chennai and
Hyderabad are mosturgent.

6. Linkages withgarment industry people: primarily dealing with cotton
and hosierysurplus, under/non utilized material.We are producing about
2,00,000 (2lakh) sanitary pads and undergarments for women right now
and the demand ismuch more !!

Feel free to write backwith your queries/suggestions/comments. Do send
out this message to as manypeople as you can. A form to join ‘Team
2000′ enclosedbelow


With best


TEAM2000 form and options for transferring contributions

Download- http://www.goonj.org/Team%202000%20form.doc

Anshu Gupta ( AshokaFellow)

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