Animals matter! They can feel pain and can suffer, and WE ALL have a responsibility to put an end to cruelty to animals wherever we find it.

Animals Matter To Me (Mumbai) is a likeminded – led community, to persuade the locals in Mumbai to adopt a loving attitude towards Animal Welfare, similar to earlier initiatives in the sphere of Human Rights and the Environment.
It all started with a couple who always wanted to give something back to the society and it was their dream to do something against cruelty to animals in and around Mumbai.
A number of leading Animal Welfare Organizations are helping out for the same cause and sometimes are unable to reachout on a large scale and thats when we thought we should join our hands in assisting them INDEPENDENTLY.
We encourage everyone to recognize animals as sentient beings, capable of experiencing pain and suffering, and to recognize that animal welfare is an important part of the social development.
Billions of animals around the World are affected by humans, and they rely on people to treat them with compassion, but there are only few NGO’s and small groups of kind hearted animal lovers.

Today, the scale of suffering of animals world over is unprecedented.
•Around 60 billion farm animals are used each year globally to produce meat, milk and eggs. The majority are raised in industrial farming systems, in which their basic welfare needs are not met.
•Globally, there are some 600 million dogs, and a similar number of cats, of which an estimated 80 percent are stray or unwanted.
•The value of the illegal and often inhumane trade in wildlife and wildlife parts is soaring. This black market is estimated to be worth $10 billion a year, exceeded only by arms and drug smuggling. Millions of wild animals are killed, captured or traded inhumanely as part of this shady business.
•An estimated 80 percent of power input on farms in developing countries is supplied by working animals, however the resources made available for these animals care are often woefully inadequate, leading to significant welfare issues.
•Animals are also affected on a huge scale by natural disasters, though they are seldom considered in relief efforts.
Improving Animal Welfare can improve the welfare of the more than a billion people who depend on animals for their livelihoods. People rely on animals companionship as well, and in many cases animals are considered part of the family. Extending compassion toward animals often has positive effects on people too.
Hardcore problems require hardcore solutions. Arriving at a consensus on the importance of animals would help shape people’s attitudes toward animals, thereby encouraging more compassionate actions.
Here at AMTM Mumbai we encourage donations in terms of dog food, cat food, milk, newspapers, cages, old clothes, carriers, old ceiling fans, donations for equipments & infrastructure & most importantly creating awareness for the noble cause.
Feeding, Sterlisations & Adoption Homes for a better life is our goal, so if anyone witnesses Animal Abuse or animal in distress please contact us.
We are ready to help !
Contact No: 919819380310
Address: White rose,Flat no 2, 1st flr, n Dutta mrg, next to Cindrella Beauty Salon,near 4 Bungalows Church,Jaff lane, Andheri West mumbai 400053
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