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Photowalk for Flamingo-Spotting at Sewri on 17-04-2011

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If you haven’t yet been flamingo spotting, take some time out this weekend to watch the city’s pink-feathered guests.

Friends we at Trek-O-Phy are glad to announce a Photowalk for a Flamingo Spotting on 17-04-2011 at the Sewri jetty. Lets come together to spread the message of conservation and sensitise the public about the importance that the Sewri-Mahul mudflats hold for the birds.

Currently, flamingos and other water birds in …Mumbai are facing various threats due to loss of wetlands, mudflats and mangrove forests due to encroachment, dumping of debris and developmental projects. Pollution along the coast from sewerage, industries and oil spills further endangers them.

Flamingos migrate to Mumbai from Kutch at the onset of winter and stay on till the first rains. Apart from about 10,000 to 15,000 flamingos, the mudflats also support more than 24 water bird species such as the white-throated kingfisher, pariah kite, purple heron and sandpipers.

“It is important to protect this wetland because the chances of its conservation will increase only when more people know its importance.”
More details about the Photowalk for Flamingo Festival –

Date : 17th February 2011
Meeting Time : 08.00am SHARP on 17-04-2011
Meeting Point : Sewri Station (Platform No.1, Below main Indicator.)
Charges : Rs. 100/- per person.


1. Cap / Gog.(optional).
2. Water (1 ltr minimum).
3. Camera/binocular.
4. Personal small medical kit. (if u require usually/Optional)
5. sunblock lotion/Insect repellent cream
6. Other things as per your choice.

Contact –

Amol Joshi – 9969963430
Gaurav Kelkar – 9773586223
(Kindly give conformation on call only)

Tips for bird photography–

Birds are very interesting to watch but clicking them is a pleasure. There are certain dos and don’t’s which a bird photographer should consider before plunging into bird photography.
A) A bird photographer should know his subject thoroughly before photography- its habits habitat, eating routine and related aspects.
B) One must have good and adequate equipments suitable to that birds’ photography,
C) One must move with care and caution and avoid unnecessary movements.
D) One should become the part of the habitat and should in no way makes birds uncomfortable.


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