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The Colorss Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in India with the mission of integrating disabled and otherwise marginalised individuals into the mainstream of society. We seek to help people, especially children, to discover their unrealised and innate potential and skills so that they can find out ways to become contributing members of society. We believe that all people have something to offer, and Colorss endeavours to help people to explore and develop those skills.
# To increase the literacy rate and to have uniform education for all. For this purpose, we will establish and manage bal mandir, schools at all levels, computer institutes, and hostels.

# To open a vocational training centre for rehabilitation of the physically and mentally challenged.
+91 960 494 1020

Benefits for Volunteers

Nothing in life is so rewarding as doing something good for someone else. It is among the highest of human virtues, the wish to join together for a good cause. To give to others, freely and without asking anything in return, seeking only to benefit your fellow human beings: it is noble deeds such as these that separate us from the beasts.
Your participation not only yields immediate practical benefits to yourself – such as building your own experience, skills, and connections – but you also have the gratification inherent in improving others’ lives.

By donating your time to a worthy effort, or lending a helping hand to a positive social movement, you not only help others, you also help yourself. You set in motion a process of action and reaction, a wheel of positive energy that comes rolling back to you and blesses your life in many ways. Every good deed you do, every act of love or kindness you show to another human being, enriches your own life.

We here at Colorss Foundation ask ourselves that question every day. We’re working hard to bring positive change to the world. We need your help! Won’t you join with us in this worthwhile effort?

Registered Address:
E/68, Jyoti Park, Behind Navrachna School, P.O. E.M.E
New Sama Road
Vadodara, Gujarat – 390008

Project Site:
Colorss Foundation
Sai Baba Seva Dham
Block No 12
Kanhe Village, Dist Maval
Pune, Maharashtra

Mobile Phone Number: +91 960 494 1020

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