Forest Protection Committee – Binodpur ,Baikunthapur ,West Bengal

Binodpur Baikunthapur, Forest Protection Committee,
c/o Sabhapati Kultali Panchayat Samiti,
P.O. : Jamtala South 24 Parganas,
West Bengal
TeleFax no. 03218-248111

Empowerment of local women
The RSC meeting participants visited the Forest Protection Committee’s (FPC) eco-development activities such as self-help groups in the villages of
Binodpur and Baikunthipur with a population of 2780 to help empower local women and to reduce pressure on valuable resources. Participants were received by 150- 200 community members mainly women and school children. One self-help group consisted of 14 households who were making bicycle saddles and bags which increased the average household income with 500-600 INR per month. Other women in Baikunthipur engaged in weaving of Sarees as a supplementary income, earned INR 350 per Saree. These women were previously engaged in fishing before the establishment of the self-help group which not only proved to be a supplementary income but an alternative to fishing, reducing pressure on fisheries resources.

“When I came to this village I entered the forests illegally and was afraid inside and outside my house. I had no decision-making power. After the eco –development activities, I was not only earning supplementary income to the household, but gained social uplift”.
Female community member, Baithipur.

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