HOLIDAY ADVENTURES Weekend Breaks (June-Sept)

River Rafting (kolad)

Place; Kolad is 110 kms from Pune. 120 K.m from Mumbai

Enjoy rafting II+ to III+ grades on the Kundalika river.

Batch1:19th June Sun.

Batch 2: 3rd July Sun

Batch 3: 31st July Sun

Batch 4: 14th Aug sun(Welcoming independence Day )

Rs 1800/- (includes Breakfast, Lunch, Transport, and Rafting.)

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Trek at Vichitragad ( Bhor )

situated at a ht of 1100 ft asl in Bhor district ,this trek is a must do in the monsoons .

Place; 70 kms from Pune. 260 K.m from Mumbai
7th Aug Sun
Rs 600 /-p.p (includes Breakfast, Transport, and Activity.)

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Riverside Camp Wadeshwar Range Over Night

Place; 110 kms from Pune. 150 K.m from Mumbai ,enjoy activities like kayak orientation,nature trail ,river swim,rock wall climbing.
13th sat & 14th sun Aug (Independence Day Special)
Rs 1650 /-p.p (includes Dinner, stay, Breakfast, lunch and Activities.)

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Waterfall Rappelling 150 ft ( Rasani (Pen)

Place; 140 kms from Pune. 100 K.m from Mumbai

This is a descending activity from within the waterfall with ropes ,its an amazing

Thrill to feel the water all over you while you enjoy the mountain View.
28th Aug Sun
Rs 1150 /-p.p (includes Breakfast, Transport, and Activity.)

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Flying fox over a waterfall ( Badlapur )

Place; Located 140 k,m from pune and about k.m from Mumbai the dhangar waterfall

Attracts a lot of crowd this season . the excitement is fuelled once you get to cross from above the fall into the stream .. crossing distance of about 500 ft

25th Sept -Sun
Rs 1500 /-p.p (includes Breakfast,Lunch Transport, and Activity.)

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