Narayan Gad:

About three miles east of the town Narayangoan on a detached hill which on the north, south, and west rises sharp from the plain is the dismantled fort of Narayangad Narayangad is a hill fort near Pune, located 80 km from Pune, 8 km from Narayangaon and 5 km from Khodad village. this fort Built in the North-South direction the fort has its main entrance on the western side.


The fortress is said to have been re built by the first Peshwa Balaji Vishvanath (1714-1720) and given in saranjam or service-grant to Sayaji Povar. In the last Maratha war of 1818 Narayangad is said to have surrendered to the British .The fort is from the Satvahan Era and was used as a watch point for the Junnar Paithan route.


The hill has some other ruins, especially a stone doorway bearing on its lintel a figure of Ganpati and two types of attendant tigers. Above the fort there are small water ponds named Narayantake, and Chambar Take. At the highest point of the fort there is a temple of the Goddess “Hastamata” and below it there is the temple of “Mukaai”.

Near the base of fort there are 14 telescopes randomly arranged in the central square 1km by 1 km in size that is called as The Giant Meter wave Radio Telescope (GMRT) project. Further sixteen arranged in three arms of a nearly “Y”-shaped array each having a length of 14?km from the array centre.

From the top we have splendid natural beauty Dams like Yedgaon dam on the Kukdi River (10 km From North), Vadaj Dam on Mina River (16 Km from West).

Trek : Narayangad
Region : Pune
Height : 1300 ft (appx.)
Grade : Medium
Type : Hill Fort
Cost: Rs. 400/-

Meeting point:

Parel station at 11.30 pm

Trek Schedule:

The journey starts with the Narayangav ST from parel depot at 11.55 pm. People interested should meet at Parel station by 11.30 pm. Here onwards we will reach the Narayangav and start trekking from there. The charges of the trek include breakfast, travelling from parel depot to base village and back to kalyan and refreshment.

Here is a list of all the things that we need to carry for the trek:

1. A haversack to put in all the things to be carried. So that one has

hands free while trekking.

2. A bottle of water (3 Ltrs).

3. Lunch for the Day.

4. Camera (Optional), Avoid wearing Gold and other jewelry (at own risk)

5. Electoral / Enerzyl powder, 2 Lemon, some snacks & biscuits, Plate, spoon, glass (compulsory).

6. Torch with extra batteries, Old Newspapers(compulsory).

7. Personal medicines & 2 plastic bags for weight distribution, Mosquito’s cream.

8. A good trekking shoes, wind cheater.

VRangers Rules & Regulation: .

For Reg. & more details, contact Our Rangers

Aanada 98922 19155
Sudhir 9702878447.
Nilesh 9819775119.

Registration is only through phone call.
plz do sms if call not received.


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