TrekIncredible – Naneghat – June 26 2011

High all, get ready for one the best trek in monsoon season – Trek to Naneghat

Region: Malshej Ghat
Fort Height: 2500 ft.
Type: Hill Fort
Grade: Easy
Mode of Transport : Public Transport

Contribution for the trek : Rs. 250
(Which includes refreshments, breakfast and to and fro transport from kalyan)

Brief details of the destination :

          Naneghat (Marathi: ???????) is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. During the reign of the Satavahana (200 BCE–190 CE), the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar.[1] Literally, the name nane means “coin” and ghat means “pass”. The name is given because this path was used as a tollbooth to collect toll from traders crossing the hills.
          The inscriptions in the caves indicate that they are the work of Satavahana rulers who came into prominence after the fall of the Mauryan empire.[2] It is believed that a powerful woman ruler Naganika, the wife of Satakarni (180–170 BCE) of the Satavahana family commissioned the cave, the statues and the inscriptions. Inscriptions in the cave mention her and her family members. Though the statues adorning the sides of the rectangular cave are now gone, the inscriptions still record some of the achievements of the dynasty. The Naneghat records have proved very important in establishing the history of the region. Vedic Gods like Yama (Hinduism) Indra, Chandra and Surya are mentioned here. The mention of Samkarsana and Vasudeva indicate the prevalence of Bhagavata form of Hinduism in the Satavahana dynasty.

Itinerary :
On 26th June
6.30 : Gather at Kalyan Station Near PF No. 1 Indicator.
          (All are requested to catch trains from your location accordingly.)
7.00 : Have a breakfast and move towards base location “Naneghat Phata” by public transport.
8.30 : Reach the base start trek towards naneghat caves.
11.30 : Reach at caves. break for Lunch.
12.30 : Move towards top spot of naneghat i.e “NANACHA AGANTHA”
            Enjoiy the views, surroundings and feel of being in clouds.
1.30 : Return journey.
4.30 : Take public transport to Kalyan.
6.30 : Reach Kalyan.

Things to Carried :

1. Lunch.
2. Water (2 ltr Minimum)
3. Towel/Napkins,Extra pair of clothes.
4. Good footwear.(preferably Shoes)
5. Slippers or floaters (just to relax your feet before & after the trek) (optional)
6. Personal medicines. (if u require usually/Optional)
7.Wind Cheater
8.Other things as per your choice.
10. 2-3 bunch of papers

**haversack or rucksack to put all these things (Mandatory).
*Pack your bags considering the rains into picture..
Do carry small plastic bags to carry wet clothes home.
But no plastic littering on the way or in mountains.

For all your further queries Please Contact,

Swapnil – 9769345484
Vikas – 9768542519

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