Breakfree Journeys treks to TakmakGad on 2nd July

Like Karnala, the trek to Takmak Gad will start off with a train journey to the good old Virar. From there an auto rickshaw ride later, we would be at the base of this small fort, located to the north of Bombay.

A steep but do-able trek route lasting for about 90-120 minutes this place offers you 40 shades of green as our friend Johnny Cash would describe it in the monsoons!

Meet up at Virar Station: 0800hours.

Cost: Incidental expenses of autorickshaws and food will be Dutch (cost equally shared). Breakfree charges: Rs. 150

To confirm do call up on 9820023362.

Note: Smoking, Consumption of Alchohol or any narcotic substances is strictly prohibited.

There might be a little hitch-hiking required so be prepared for more than one adventure 😉

For Breakfree Journeys,

Rushikesh Kulkarni,



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