Union of Wildlife Activists – The Bela Lake Trek 14 August

Union of Wildlife Activists – Goa organizes a trek to Bela Lake. This is our first trek into the forests of Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.
This lake is known for the diversity of wildlife. We’ll be walking around 15kms. Raincoats and Lunch packs should be brought by the participants.

Participation fee: Rs.100/-

Kindly confirm your participation by 8th August.

(NOTICE: This is going to be a wildlife awareness trail; and not a picnic. Only those interested in learning and understanding the forest and its denizens shall join in. Nonsense attitude will not be tolerated.)

Contact us:
Saish Khandeparkar 9764580699

Akshay Bhise 9637375222

Jayesh Kamat 9545474336

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