SNAKE HANDLERS WORKSHOP @ Candolim, Bardez Goa. 17th July 2011 (Sunday)

Over the last few years, I have found more youth interested in snake handling and more specifically, in rescues in the state of Goa. The skills that some of you posses vary for mere handling of snakes to observation and photography,etc.
Many rescuers are now at a stage where they have done all the ‘cool stuff’, posed with with various species for pictures and kept some of the attractive species in captive conditions.
Unfortunately, what lacks is collection and compilation of data that would help you study these reptiles and help conservation in the long run. A need for a common protocol for snake rescue and release needs to worked out as this will help minimze and address issues relating reptile-human conflict and provide vital answers to this growing problem. Rethinking the need for snake rescues and other aspects of snake conservation is also the need of the hour.
Keeping these objective in mind we at HERPACTIVE are taking this initiative to bring together 25 snake rescuers of North Goa as a first step towrds helping train snake rescuers in the new Snake Bite Protocol, Data sheet maintainence and basic taxonomy besides other related activity. This is an opportunity for those snake handlers who wish to take a step ahead beyond being mere snake rescuers and combine hands on work with serious study of herpetofauna.

The 2nd stage will have a similar program in South Goa for snake rescuers in South Goa.

Date – 17th July 2011 (Sunday)
Time- 10.00am to 1.00pm.
Venue- Candolim, Bardez Goa. (Exact venue will be intimated at later stage)
Age Group- Above 18 years and above.
Criteria- Snake handlers from North Goa only who are currently rescuing snakes on a first come first serve basis.
Number of seats- 25.
Contact person- Ms Tarika Kiran on 08322278276 and 08322409999.
1. Introduction to Basic Taxonomy.
2. Familiarization and handling of tools and equipment used for Snake study.
3. Introdutcion to Snake Bite protocol and First Aid.
4. Rethinking Snake handling and rescue- science vs hobby.
5. The path ahead- snakes matter!

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