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Tv surfing december 2nd 2011 part 1

Friday, December 2nd, 2011 | mumbaihikers | Uncategorized
CNN IBN  12.41 pm
interesting HT summit
dr mahatri if india was not so democratic they would grow like china (eg stupid games by uneducated politicians)
cong guy scindia says we are running a marathon not a sprint

jay panda from orissa? ( sould i even listen to this guy who comes from a party which runs a state which is so backward?)

mixed population a problem (by mahati mohmd)

kerala vs tn dam issue?

europe taxes the rich? — mahatir modh

documentary of a raped afghan woman who was jailed – so much for womans right after 10 years of american rule and democracy .looks like not a single woman in Afghanistan is liberated!!

cnbc and bloomberg stock channels are talking about kingfisher 12.48 pm

hdfc life – may consider an IPO in the next 6 months

CNN – 12.50
farwell to arms – some us ceremony before the withdrawal from iraq after almost 100,000 d12.50ead (any woman power or liberation there after 10 years?)

cnn ibn 12.54
media by default is irresponsible – rajdeep sardesai at the ht summit
advert stay raw
ad some car ad
ad some shots of europe – didnt catch the ad name
ad govt ad?  agriculture ad – fertilizer


cnbc 12.57
ad iphone 4.5 (today there are a huge number of iphones – )
ad ladakh road – some jap woman? aamir khan – not sure what that was about
ad network 18
ad icici bank money manager
ad make my trip

nifty above 4950
nifty 4966 13.01 pm
sensex 16571 +89

ad iphone 4.5 13.09 pm cnbc
fast movers – tata motors

ad main land china with the gay kiss

ad cool car jaguar xf

cnn ibn
headline ticker – still the kerala vs tv dam issue damn!

headlines today
lady says – this is an open war (dam issue) 13.11

ndtv english
pak gen gives go ahead to defend against future nato attacks
is this for show or will it really happen?

times now
ad moods condoms with some old folks in a rocking chair and the plumber finds the condoms – i feel like puking but was not fast enough to change the channel
ad cannon
ad parrys sugar – parry agro  -muruguppa
times now breaking – us – pak standoff (breaking? really?)

DW tv asia 13.15
amphibious bus which can cross the river (this would be great in the konkan where people need to used old tug boats to allow buses to cross)
cristoffel weiden who runs the amphibious tour bus company
needed 23 different licences to run the bus (this means it will almost be impossible to get it in india considering the way the license system works)

chello build in 1781 (why cant indians channels show such awesome programs instead of shitty politics 24.7)
joe a 200 yr old chello
rebeca carrington ,colin brown (awesome gives me goose bumps)
euromaxx travelogue
hiking and photography in the alps – (why cant indian channels show more trekking and hiking?)
rainer barth heads to the mountains ,has scaled every peak !

13.21 pm

maharashtra too has loves shots sadly most indians news channels are situated in delhi and are all india so do not give us the best of nature india has to offer

rainer has scaled all 200 peaks in the alpsy

some competition for an ipod shuffel (not sure if it is open to indian viewers)

russia today 13.24 pm
debate on the nato air strike on pakistani troops
(russia tv always plans their shows with some strategic reason? also they seem to have a lot of british news readers? or just have brit accents?

bloomberg 13.25
power sector woes
nifty above 5000 2nd dec 13.25 pm
the lady has a happy smile as the markets are up
oops now there is the fat singer composer bappi lahiri on it
ad fat guy with specs – failing to plan is planning to fail – sms six? didnt get the ad

make my trip kerala packages

sensex 16697 13.28 pm

mumbai 34 deg on cnn weather

bbc weather showing south america

cnn ibn
india positive
battling odds to play cricket
blind cricketers playing cricket
that is one of the good things about cnn ibn they show some inspiring stuff (when sardesai is not being anrgy and bossy on debates)

george abraham p world blind cricket council

mendra dorkey (is she ladakhi or from the NE?)
good to see more people from these plans coming into main stream media

providing portable toilets
kargil war hero who runs a runs marathons with one artificial leg

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