Kalpavihar Adventure Trek to Salher – Salota – Mangi – Tungi – Mulher – Mora – Hargad 26th – 29th Jan 2012

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Salher fort Ht. 5140ft
Just as Kalsubai boasts to be the highest peak in the Sahyadris in Maharashtra, Salher has the distinction of being the highest fort in the Sahyadris.
Baglan is the fertile region being fed by the rivers Mokshaganga and Akshaganga. This is one of the areas rich in agricultural productivity, forests and wealth and the villagers here are quite well to do. Still, there are tribes like the Kokan and Bhils living on these hills. The perimeter of the Salher fort is around 11 Kms encompassing an area of around 600 hectares.
The Salher fort is famous and known as the main place where Parashuram did his penance. After winning the earth and giving it as donation, he made land for himself to live in, by pushing the sea back with his arrows, right from this place. An ancient and historically significant place like this is also famous for its battles during the reign of Shivaji.
Mulher fort Ht. 4284ft
In ancient times, the village was located on the Mulher fort. In due course of period the villagers descended and Mulher village is now situated at foothills 2 kms. away from the fort. The village belongs to the period of Mahabharata, when it was known as Ratnapur. The King, Mayurdhwaj ruled this region, and the village was then named as Mayurpur. When Aurangazeb conquered this fort, the fort came into existence with the name as Aurangagad.
The citations of Mulher can be found in the first decade of fourteenth century, while ‘Puranas’ are believed to have few mentions of it. The fort was built by Bagul dynasty, who ruled the region from 1308 A.D. to 1619 A.D. The region was named Bagulged because of the rule of Bagul dynasty, which afterwards came to be known as Baglan. Basically, Bagul dynasty belonged to Kanoj. Eleven Kings of this dynasty ruled the Baglan region. These Kings were awarded the Degree of Bahirji. It was during the rule of this dynasty, the world-famous ‘Mulheri Muth’, the sword-handle, was made. Hinduism was established in this region much before than that in Vijaynagar.
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1st Batch
Salher with Salota – Mangi – Tungi – Mulher – Mora – Hargad
26th – 29th Jan 2012 (leaving on 25th night)
4 Days
Rs. 2450/- Mumbai to Mumbai
Includes: Travelling Mumbai to Mumbai, Accommodation, All meals, Guide charges.
2nd Batch
Mulher – Mora – Hargad – Salher – Salota
27th – 29th Jan 2012 (leaving on 26th night)
3 days

Rs. 1450/- Mulher to Mulher
Including Travelling, Accommodation, All meals, Guide charges. Reporting at Mulher Village
3rd  Batch
Salher – Salota
28th – 29th Jan 2012 (leaving on 27th night)
2 Days
Rs. 1050/- Mulher to Mulher
Including Travelling, Accommodation, All meals, Guide charges. Reporting at Mulher Village
After receiving the mail or SMS or call, we will block your seat on temporary basis for 48 hrs. You have to pay the advance Rs. 1500/- before 15th Jan.12 and confirm your participation.  Now you can pay directly through bank transfers to our IDBI account. Kindly get back to us for account details.
·         A haversack to put in all the things to be carried, so that one has their hands free while trekking. Please do not carry Sling bags, Jholas, handbags/shoulder bags etc.

·         Shoes with Good Grip for trekking. (Sports/Jungle/Trek Shoes). Please do not wear sandals, chappals or floaters.
·         extra sleeper
·         Water bottle (min. 2 ltr.)
·         Identity proof (compulsory). 
·         Empty lunch box for pack lunch
·         Carry mat / Sleeping bag
·         Shawl / Chaddar / Sweater
·         Plate, Spoon, Glass, bowl, knife
·         cap/scarf, sunglasses (if required)
·         torch with cell (compulsory)
·         extra clothing
·         personal things (like tooth paste, tooth brush, soap etc…) and personal medicine if any
·         Extra Polythene Bags for garbage.
Please avoid bringing valuables, jewellery or expensive things. We accept no responsibility for anything that is misplaced.
·         Everyone has to follow the instructions of Camp In-charge & instructors
·         Organizers may make any changes in the programme as per the prevailing circumstances, without giving prior notice to the participant.
·         No shortcut in the trek

bsp;        Smoking & Drinking are strictly prohibited. Anyone found smoking or consuming alcohol will be expelled from trek there and then itself.

·         Shorts, sleeveless T-shirts not allowed. Those violating the dress code will not be permitted to participant.
·         This is not a picnic. All participants are requested to maintain timings meant for the trek by leader to avoid inconvenient to all other participants.
·          Keep the campsite clean. Leaving your garbage at camp site is not allowed.

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