breakfast at bombay cafe ,margoa ,goa

The next morning we decided to check out a budget place to have breakfast in margoa. The previous day while walking in the market we spotted bombay cafe. This is a super crowded place where multiple customers sit at any table wich is free. The reasons we went here is because of the crowd (you get the best food at the place were there is a crowd)

Food comes super fast here. There is no menu. Everything is posted on the board when you enter. You can ask them what is there today and they will rattle off the specials for today.

puri bhaji,chappati, are the hot favs here, samosa pav, workers like to get a heavy meal before a hard days work

from the garden in the center of margoa . you need to find hotel duttaraj /gandhi road,there is a church/chapel opp hotel duttaraj, you walk into the lane and on the left will be the new marker and walking further on the right will be the bombay cafe,(this placed on sunday)

Bombay Cafe
Puri bhaji
samosa pav
kadak pav

Bombay Cafe
Station Road, Margao, Goa, 403001
0832 272 5242

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For dinner we went to the most popular street stall in the whole of margoa. Located outside BoB (just ahead of venice reastaurant). This guy is open only at night after 8 pm .
i think it was called Ulhas Rasa Omlette‎.This stall is a one man show. This guy is like a super computer he know what each guy has ordered. The main dish are chicken curry and pav and omlette with chicken curry and pav (some call it ROs omlette).The curry is super spicy and if you have a weak stomach you could have acidity.So go for the omlette pav if you cannot stand the spicy curry.Also he give you hot mutton soup in a glass if you ask for it called mutton shorba. Ask him “kitna hua?” and he will tell you what you had in chronological order and then total up the stuff you had . With 20 people eating at the same time this guy is a genuis at the same time making 20 omlettes

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