We checked out many other hotels .All lacked something or the other  ie the view,location ,room quality (it all depends on what you can pay for )

Goa woodlands is the classiest and costliest of the group. With no non ac rooms. The reception guys were also snooty (because we were casually dressed) . Dress well and be ready to spend if you wanna stay here.

Hotel Duttraj was ok but no view as it is located in the market

Hotel lotus inn is ok but as costly as hotel tanish

Hotel Milan was the cheapest but it was too close to the railway station and did not like the dusty locals and all hotels near the railways station were super hot in the afternoons.

Sea Gull resort is awesome i you plan to sea near mobor/betal south goa away from the city . They were the only resort open for lunch at 2.30 pm in that area(all places close after 3 pm. but this area betal does not have many place . The other place in betal is hotel mayfair)



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