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The Panch Kedar Trek, Uttaranchal in Oct 2012

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The Panch Kedar Trek, Uttaranchal in Oct 2012

Trek Dates: – 7TH Oct To 21st Oct.2012 (EX-Haridwar)

Destinations Covered:
Rishikesh – Kedarnath -Madhmaheshwar – Tungnath-Rudranath – Kalpanath-Joshimath.
This Trek includes all the five shrines associated with the Hindu legends.  All of them are situated in the Kedar valley.
According to the legend, the Pandavas sought the blessings of Lord Shiva to atone their sins after the battle of Mahabharata. Lord Shiva eluded them repeatedly and while fleeing took refuge at Kedarnath in the form of a Bull. On being followed, he dived into the ground, leaving behind his hump on the surface. This conical protrusion is worshipped as the idol in the shrine.  Garhwal in the state of Uttaranchal has five Kedar shrines ( Kedarnath, Tunganath, Madamaheshwar, Rudranath, and Kalpanath) like five prayags or confluences, besides lakes of divine charm.
Cradled in these very Garhwal Himalaya’s ranges are five of Hindu most important Hindu temples, popularly known as the Panch-Kedar, Viz.

1.Kedarnath- Hump  (3584 m)
2.Madhmaheshwar- Navel (nabhi) (3289 m)
3.Tungnath – Arms (Bahu) (3810 m)
4.Rudranath-Face (Mukh) (2286 m)
5.Kalpanath – Hair (jata) (2134 m),-Sprawled over a vast area with altitudes ranging from 1500m to 3680m.

 Kedarnath is situated at the head of Mandakini River, where the Linga is natural rock that resembles the hump of bull.
 Madhmaheshwar, at the base of Chaukhamba Peak, is at the altitude 3500 m. The Linga is here worshipped in the form of navel.
 Tungnath, where the arms of shiva appeared, is the highest temple in Garhwal (3810 m).   500 m above the temple at Tungnath is Chandrashila, with a breathtaking view of the Himalayas.
 Rudranath is situated where the face of Shiva is said to have appeared. There is a natural rock temple in which the Shiva Mukha is worshipped. Nearby the temple, there are many little lakes like the Surya Kund, Tara Kund and Manas Kund.
 Kalpeshwar is situated in the beautiful valley of Urgam. There is a cave temple and Shiva is worshipped in his matted hairs form, when he tried to flee from the Pandavas at Kedarnath.


Programme Dates:- 7TH  Oct.2012  To 21st  Oct.2012 (EX-Haridwar)Total 15 Days.

Trek Cost:-Rs.20500/-(EX-Haridwar, excluding train fair)

Book before 25th June 2012 & paid only Rs.19000/-/ (EX-Haridwar, excluding train fair)

7/10/2012  DAY 1. Haridwar-Gaurikund
(235 kms Drive /Approx. 9-10 hrs -Stay at Hotel)

8/10/2012  DAY 2. Gaurikund-Kedarnath
(14km Trek Approx. 6 hrs–Stay at Hotel)

9/10/2012  DAY 3. Kedarnath-Gaurikund-Jagasu (After Breakfast 14kms Trek to Gaurikund-After Lunch 62 Kms/Approx 2.5hrs  Drive to Jagasu–Overnight in camp)

10/10/2012  DAY 4. Jagasu-Gaundhar
(After Breakfast 13Kms Trek – Overnight in camp)

11/10/2012  DAY 5. Gaundhar-Madhmaheshwar
(After breakfast 10kms Trek & Overnight in camp)

12/10/2012  DAY 6. Madhmaheshwar-Gaundhar
 (After breakfast 10kms Trek & Overnight in camp)

13/10/2012  DAY 7. Gaundhar-Jagasu-Chopta
 (Early morning After breakfast in camp 13Kms Trek to Jagasu & 45kms/Approx.2hrs Drive to Chopta-Stay at Hotel)

14/10/2012 DAY 8. Chopta-Tunganath-Chandrasila -Chopta
(5 Kms+5 kms Trek-Stay at Chopta Hotel)

15/10/2012  DAY 9. Chopta-Sagar-PanarGupha
 (After breakfast at Hotel 30 Kms Drive to Sagar & 10Kms Trek to PanarGupha-Overnight in Camp)

16/10/2012  DAY 10. PanarGupha-Rudranath
(After breakfast 10Kms Trek -Overnight in camp)

17/10/2012  DAY 11. Rudranath-PanarGupha
(After breakfast 10Kms Trek-Overnight in camp)

18/10/2012  DAY 12. Panargupha-Sagar-Helong
(After breakfast 10 kms Trek-Drive approx.55-60kms-Overnight in Hotel at Helong)

19/10/2012  DAY 13. Helong-Kalpeshwar
(After breakfast 9Kms Trek-Overnight in camp)

20/10/2012 DAY 14. Kalpeshwar-Helong-Karnaprayag(Early morning after breakfast 9Kms Trek to Helong & 69 kms /Aprrox.2.5 hrs Drive to Karnaprayag -Stay at Hotel)

21/10/2012 DAY 15. Karnaprayag-Haridwar
(Approx.169kms/Approx.6 hrs Drive- Arrival in Evening Stay at Hotel)

*Total Hotel Stay: 8 Days
1 Nights Haridwar, 1 Night Gaurikund,1 Night Kedarnath,  2 Nights Chopta,  1 Night Helong, 1 Night Kalpeshwar,1 Night Karnaprayag.

*Total Camping Stay: 7 Days
1 Night Jagasu,2 Nights Gaundhar,1 Night Madhmaheshwar,1 Night Rudranath,2 Nights PanarGupha.

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